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  1. Nookels

    SRB2 Rename

    Sonic Robo Jam, because that was the original name for it. Sonikku said it himself when he played SRB1 1.4.
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    Fun Fact Thread

    fun fact: The SRB2 theme originated here
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    Why not switch to other sourceports?

    Moving SRB2 to a new source port could heavily slow down the game on low-end hardware, probably because of unnecessary code that isn't needed for the game. And, SRB2 isn't a Doom mod. SRB2 is a branch of Doom Legacy, essentially making SRB2 a source port. Just because SRB2 is in the Doom engine...
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    2.3 Discussion

    Thank you!
  5. Nookels

    2.3 Discussion

    Source, please? Can't find any info on the web.
  6. Nookels

    guys. sad news, sonic digital version games will be delisted....

    That is, on steam and ps now.
  7. Nookels

    2.3 Discussion

    Will 2.3 have a similar menu to mania, but horizontally flipped like that video? Edit: grammar
  8. Nookels

    What is the worst sonic you played? list 3 worst sonic game and 3 good sonic game *respect people opinion*

    best: 1. sonic forces 2. Sonic 4 saga 3. sonic adventure worst: 1. sonic blast 2. sonic spinball 3. sonic 1 J2ME/GBA
  9. Nookels

    Invalid flame shield bug

    there is no flame/bubble sheild in SRB2, just one called "elemental". it protects from both fire and water.
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    Google Chrome 96.0.4664.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: Stable) Revision d5ef0e8214bc14c9b5bbf69a1515e431394c62a6-refs/branch-heads/4664@{#1283} OS Windows 10 Version 21H1 (Build 19043.1415) JavaScript V8 1640266192 hope it dosn't get lost!
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    help! after it's done loading, i get a black screen.
  12. Nookels

    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    I think it might be super sa-sonic, bc he can spam dash and can jump much higher. 1639156567 Once i learn how to map, i might make a multiplayer puzzle that uses SA-Sonic's in co-op with other chars such as the vanilla ones' abilities to complete it.
  13. Nookels

    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    Man, these sprites be lookin' good. 1639144501 wait, SA-Sonic can grab ledges? *werehog intensifies*
  14. Nookels

    Windows Vista?

    the installer is 64-bit, tbut the game itself is 32-bit, so if, and i mean IF, you want to play on Vista, get the .ZIP version.
  15. Nookels

    Windows Vista?

    it works, i played it.
  16. Nookels

    Is SRB1 Modding possible?

    it is. you need the games factory, or multimedia fusion, or clickteam fusion. then choose open (ctrl+o) and choose srb13f.gam
  17. Nookels

    Sonic 3 Sonic (tough sonic?)

    i think @⭐BrightEmerald⭐ is doing the sprites so please wait
  18. Nookels

    SRB2 History thread

    This is a thread for old srb2 stuff. post old srb2 stuff here.
  19. Nookels

    I found the first post-crash MB post

    it's not from before the crash so don't get your hopes up. (it takes some time to load but don't worry, it'll come:wink:
  20. Nookels

    Sonic 3 Sonic (tough sonic?)

    So i'm working on a mod called Sonic 3 sonic (a.k.a. Tough Sonic). he will have abilities from sonic 3 and also the same sprites. currently i'm looking for some spriters who can draw in sonic 3 style. i need more frames for these sprites: and also waiting sprites (i'll add more pics here soon)...