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  1. Shammah

    Cosmo the Seedrian! [Kart]

    Shammah submitted a new resource: Cosmo the Seedrian! [Kart] - Cosmo the Seedrian races her way into SRB2 Kart! Read more about this resource...
  2. Shammah

    Cosmo the Seedrian (Work in Progress)

    I could have sworn I made a thread here about Cosmo, but sadly, I was wrong. Well, Cosmo. She's cool, right? Personally, I think she's great, but SEGA disagrees. Anyway, I'm making a Cosmo mod for SRB2, cause she's just that cool and deserves it. Most of the sprites are done, just need a few...
  3. Shammah

    Fixed Frozen Hillside Zone (Secret Object and Teleport Bug)

    So uh, not sure if anyone has said anything about these two bugs, or if they're even bugs at all, but I found it pretty strange.
  4. Shammah

    SRB2 - Tails Doll Remastered Wad

    I noticed that Senku(I think that was their name) made a Tails Doll wad a while back. Some other people made one too and they were okay for their time. But with 2.2 coming out soon, I decided to try and make my own Tails Doll Wad. I mainly took inspiration from Senku(again I dunno if that was...
  5. Shammah

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Styled SRB2 Sonic WAD (Not Finished)

    Hello! I am The Shammah Master!(Just call me Shammah) And this is a..A WAD i'm making! I just saw that nobody had created a Sonic 3 & Knuckles Sonic WAD, (Not including FSonic) so i decided to make one for myself. Here's an image of what it looks like so far. *snip*