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    i cant see my server

    so when i checked my srb2 server via myself i was able to join but i did not see my server in the master server (the default one) but i was able to join it pls fix (also i portforwardet without accesing my internet routers website)
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    can i use more model packs at the same time?

    so i want to use danos models and a few others but can i use mode model packs at the same time like i want to do it and i will be concerend if you do not say anything
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    how to edit levels in srb2

    how do i open the games selection of levels in zone builder?
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    how to make sa sonic 3d

    how do i enable models for sa sonic since i want to do that
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    how do i show what action in doing (like spin or jump) in the main game

    so yknow the like mini hud element in some modes well if its in unmodded srb2 tell me and if there is a mod that lets me see it in the main game id be happy to get a clear explenation of how to enable it
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    Invalid game crash when cream mythy ray silver and eggman

    so when i try to enabel the mods on the title of this bug report the game just crashes saying that sprites for the mod is are not present pls fix