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  1. You Gotta be Joshing me

    Mania Colors - Sonic Mania themed skincolors

    Taking advantage of the recent custom skincolors added in 2.2.5 I got straight to work on making skincolors based on Sonic Mania! Here they are in a gif: This pack adds 12 skincolors:
  2. You Gotta be Joshing me

    Fixed (OpenGL) Texture error in GFZ2

    Started playing on a modded netgame and noticed a texture bug with the underwater ramp in GFZ2. I then restarted the game and can confirm the same happens in vanilla singleplayer, Attached photos include the error happening on the netgame, and vanilla singleplayer in both OpenGL and software.
  3. You Gotta be Joshing me

    (OpenGL 64-bit) The Game Just Goes Into a White Screen

    Just now I went onto SRB2 using OpenGL mode and any time I open the game the music still plays, I can still skip the cutscene, but all throughout it's just a white screen, I tried restarting the game, but it makes no difference.