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  1. Alice

    [Reusable] Legacy Hinote

    Thanks to Timeos' Treasurebox for taking the time to port Hinote into v2.2. This port would have not happened without his initiative to port and script Hinote's abilities. Thank you again! It's been a while, and she's back! While it may not be the new updated Hinote, here's the old Hinote with...
  2. Alice

    What makes you anxious?

    Hello there everyone! I don't usually post new threads unless I feel it is necessary, but tonight I feel a little curious and thought I ask a question I've actually asked myself several times. We've all been through a state of anxiety sometime during our lives and sometimes we don't know what...
  3. Alice

    Hinote's Blaze the Cat Character WAD WIP

    Progress = 40% So looking into Dr.Pepper's Blaze the Cat, I was a little disappointed on how it looked (as you see Blaze is one of my favorites; what.. She's a cat on fire.) and so I thought of maybe doing a new Blaze the Cat for 2.0 with the right color scheme. I've just started, so there...
  4. Alice

    [SRB2 Riders] Aquatic Park WIP

    I thought I try to take on making an MK stage on SRB2riders. It's not often I actually upload maps that I've done. So here are screenshots of a work in progress of one map I'm doing. Made some custom textures for a better feeling, the level was based on Sonic Color's Aquarium Park. Any...
  5. Alice

    Sonic and the Black Knight wads

    I've been thinking.. Maybe I should start doing Sonic and the other Knights :D I think it'll be fun to do them.. Though I know it'll take me a very long time to do seeing I have such limited time on free time. Okay so I did start a little bit of it here is a screenshot of the line up of the...
  6. Alice

    Hinotev2.0 Update [11/07/2011]

    Alright, so.. I decided to update Hinote on her sprites once and for all. When I came back to SRB2 I noticed that my Hinote.wad wasn't exactly completed, so as I came back I took the time to finish her. A few things have been fixed in Hinote. -Added a new jump sound -Walking frames have been...
  7. Alice

    I need help editing a character wad. I get this error

    It seems when I play the wad I get this message. "Warning: Mobj of type 83 with invalid sprite data (34) detected and removed." "Warning: Mobj of type 67 with invalid sprite data (37) detected and removed." It removes the life boxes and the finish exit sign when you touch it. Is there a way...
  8. Alice

    Could you host with a satellite?

    I hope I posted this in the right place. I was wondering if you could host a game with a satellite. Since I don't have a router, I have a satellite with cable. :)