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    Lost Srb2 songs?

    Seeing all the redoing of Srb2 music makes me think that some tracks are lost to time.
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    Ctrl+Shift+I I think.
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    epic snn gaming 1629765435 NEW BREAKTHROUGH: You can open a console to use commands but the only command that I know works is Play. And that freezes everything. 1629767287 New news: I've inspected the page. checking code.
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    The Srb2 grid

    This grid is for reviewing character mods in three layers. Art, Moves and Fun in three ranks. Example of review: Use the template as you wish.
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    I want it to be a srb history crash course.
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    Red fur, Brown vest. An obscure character.

    Let's cut to the chase. I wanna know the name of this guy. He seems like a neat piece of srb2 history.
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    The hippest bomb of them all.
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    HELP! Accidently altered Zones.pk3!

    I need a restored Zones.pk3 or advice on how to restore it!
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    I got past the Greenflower Eggman boss in ultimate mode.

    Now I feel godly.
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    How do you make a .Soc file?

    I'm working on a small level mod and I wanna learn how to edit headers.