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  1. Chaotic Chao

    An SP Ringslinger Gametype?

    This seems like it should be really easy, but despite that it looks like there's no way to do this, not that I would really know since I can't lua for shit beyond editing one line of other people's code. What I want is really simple - just a way to let the player fire rings in certain maps in...
  2. Chaotic Chao

    [Reusable] Game Gear HUD

    Ah...I guess the one time I thought I got it to happen in vanilla I had something added I thought I removed? I have no idea...I must be going insane or something or maybe ghosts have invaded my pc or some shit >_> In any case, just ignore my post, lol
  3. Chaotic Chao

    [Reusable] Game Gear HUD

    Edit: Ok, somehow I got this to happen once in vanilla SRB2 without adding anything else, but can't seem to replicate it now, weirdly (this image was taken with wads added so that's probably the cause in this case, but it definitely happened with nothing but this added in one case...feel free to...
  4. Chaotic Chao

    SRB2: Chaotic Earth (v0.3.1)

    Hmm...cutting down on the trees in Lazy Shores would probably help with the lag, since each one is made of several joined PC's pretty good and Lazy Shores even gives me frame drops sometimes (though very minor ones which is why I probably didn't notice). As for the vagueness of the...
  5. Chaotic Chao

    SRB2: Chaotic Earth (v0.3.1)

    The elsewhere levels are mostly just extra side content to give the pack more variety (and fun fact, most of them in this release are just reused maps from Chaoticlevels - see outdated releases - when I was a lot younger, but edited to suck slightly less). Unless you're trying to 100% for some...
  6. Chaotic Chao

    SRB2: Chaotic Earth (v0.3.1)

    EDIT...AGAIN: Ooookay so apparently I can't lua right and beating any level instantly gave you all the emblems hidden in it. This is why I map and don't code, folks. Anyway, that's fixed, and I playtested the version for like 30 minutes before updating it this time so I know there aren't any...
  7. Chaotic Chao

    SRB2: Chaotic Earth (v0.3.1)

    Updated the mod to 0.3.1, most importantly making Zone 3 a hell of a lot easier and more enjoyable, and fixing unlockables that weren't set up correctly. EDIT: The attachment accidentally had an old version in it for a second there, replaced. ---------- Post added at 12:50 PM ----------...
  8. Chaotic Chao

    SRB2: Chaotic Earth (v0.3.1)

    Chaotic Chao presents... SRB2: Chaotic Earth Version 0.3.1 I bet you thought I was dead, didn't you? Ha...well, you should know by now how good Kart Krew is at playing dead. UPDATE: So two things came to my attention: A) 0.3 had level header issues mainly regarding unlockables, and B) Zone 3...
  9. Chaotic Chao

    Assigned Custom Exits in Record Attack

    Custom exits that skip the score tally screen will still take you to their respective exits in record attack. The replay of a run that does this will show the player still playing in the same level after they've reached the exit (but with the same coordinates as the level they warped to). If you...
  10. Chaotic Chao

    Duplicate Falling Rock Oddity

    If falling rocks roll down slopes (as opposed to just falling down onto something flat for instance), they appear to get stuck at the bottom either for a long time or infinitely: It can start to lag a lot too, which is bad.
  11. Chaotic Chao

    Shadow The Hedgehog

    Okay, yeah, you're right, but...frankly, that's really confusing. I mean, it's 2D, so anyone's natural instinct would be up=up, down=down, right=right, etc,'s needlessly convoluted, which is probably why I was led to believe it was broken in the first place. Wouldn't it be at all...
  12. Chaotic Chao

    Fixed [2.1.18] Minor but Annoying Issue...

    Put simply, ever since the 2.1.17 update, whenever I try to test a map in Single Player via launching with Zone Builder, I'm forced to play as Sonic every time no matter what skin I choose in testing options. While not technically a massive issue, this wastes a LOT of time if I have to test with...
  13. Chaotic Chao

    Shadow The Hedgehog

    Whenever you do decide to release this new version, I'm begging you, PLEASE map chaos control and homing attack to different buttons. Trying to use the chaos control but accidentally using the homing attack instead on a green snapper offscreen I couldn't possibly see and taking damage for it, or...
  14. Chaotic Chao

    Special Stage Bonuses

    Simple question - is there any way to force a non-special stage map to give players the same kinds of bonuses a special stage map would? This would help a bit with what I'm trying to do, but I don't think it's possible normally and I don't know the first thing about scripting or anything like...
  15. Chaotic Chao

    Fixed [2.1.17] Egg Guards + Lasers

    = And it plays the shield breaking sfx continuously, resulting in a terrible, horrible noise. And it's loud. Very. Note: this doesn't just happen with lasers from the top, but from the sides too (so you know the shield's not just being crushed).
  16. Chaotic Chao

    The Perfect Hunt

    Edit: This should've gone in the suggestions board I didn't notice, haha...! Double Edit: Nevermind, the suggestions board is only for singular posts and not threads so it's too late anyway =S I know the gametype isn't used very often, but I've been making a lot of emerald hunts lately and I...
  17. Chaotic Chao

    [Reusable] Color + (Pal-ColorPlus.wad)

    Huh...did I instinctively add Rosy again? My bad... But she's such a fun character ;_;
  18. Chaotic Chao

    [Reusable] Color + (Pal-ColorPlus.wad)

    Oh great both teal and cyan look good now Dammit I'll have to choose between them But really, SRB2 looks so much more...alive somehow with this. If lua didn't still hate my PC, I'd add this all the time.
  19. Chaotic Chao

    Isolated Case Speed Pads desync replays

    Watching any replay in which the player touches a speed pad immediately desyncs playback upon touching it. Although the replay looks normal for the most part, certain linedef executors seem to break horribly, among other things. I've got two gifs demonstrating what happens when replaying...
  20. Chaotic Chao

    Custom Record Attack issues

    Basically I'm trying to test record attack in my SP maps to see how I'll go about the emblems for it, but I run into two problems. First, apparently, record attack unlocks itself after you beat Greenflower 1. But since the SP rotation in my pack starts in a different map completely (QA to be...