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    COM thingy in mouse option doesnt work for P2

    So, theres this option on "second mouse options" that leds you to bring a second mouse for the second player to use in SplitScreen, but...It doesn't let you do that When i put COMX (X for number) It says in the console "Can't open COMX: Error 2", i have tried everything, but it just doesn't work...
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    Invalid CEZ1 Castle not appearing

    So, today i was trying some mods and all that stuff, and then i see this. Yeah, i closed the game and opened without mods, and it still happens, is this intentional?
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    Help With Skin Colors.

    Hi! well the error is, that when i put my skincolor lua that i make yesterday, it says this : (that = near char(1) Thing) Also, if you want to see the code :
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    random inputs

    Hi! Um, this is my first thread, I need help with something that is pissing me a little, before 2.2.6 came, when I touch this button (- that) it just put that "symbol", now that 2.2.6 came out, when I touch -, it just puts this (?). Any idea to fix this problem? (if it does something, I am...