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  1. Lightnik

    How do you feel about the sonic rangers leaks do you think the game will be bad or good?

    I mentioned it before, but personally I am worry about it is too risky to go from a linear level design to an open world level design, there are too many things that can go wrong especially if we think they couldn't even make a good sonic game in years So if you ask me, my expectations are very low.
  2. Lightnik

    What sonic bosses do you hate

    Well if you ask me they would be Zavok from Sonic Lost World and Metal Sonic from Sonic Robo blast 2 I have no problems with any other
  3. Lightnik

    My opinions about Version 2.2

    I can understand that some prefer the old versions of srb2 but personally I find those versions very primitive in every posible way is that nobody remembers the bad positioning of enemies the problems with the engine even the soundtrack wasn't that good in mi opinion maybe i dont like them...
  4. Lightnik

    Why do you like SRB2?

    Well what I like the most is its resemblance to Sonic Adventure and the good level design but there are also other things like the fact that Fang was in the game which is one of my favorite characters or the soundtrack which is one of my favorites in any game in general
  5. Lightnik

    The Before and After the sequel dualogy

    Ats Omega has several weird decisions that I never understood why they decided to make bosses harder, although personally they didn't give me much trouble, of course, except for Sugar Splash and Redhot Ride's, and also that Storm Station boss bug that in case you've never heard of him, it's a...
  6. Lightnik

    The Before and After the sequel dualogy

    Personally, Before and after the sequel are one of the best Fangames I've ever played, i love all of them the soundtrack the levels the graphics everything maybe the only problem in these games is the physics engine since they are very difficult to control which is more noticeable in Omega...
  7. Lightnik

    Demo Quest Zone

    Is interesting how you can put the entire early campaign in just one Zone of course except the bosses, this shows how much Sonic Robo Blast 2 has done in terms of extensive maps, this is even more impressive than Final Demo Zone in my opinion
  8. Lightnik

    SA2 or Sonic Heroes

    Personally I prefer Sonic Heroes than Sa2, its levels are less linear and the game in general seems to me longer, in addition to being more consistent in terms of mechanics, the only problem I see with Sonic Heroes is that it has a level design a little bad in some parts but nothing that ruin...
  9. Lightnik

    Are the Classic spin off canon in the Mania universe

    I forgot to mention it but in the Japanese manual for Knuckles chaotix it is mentioned that Eggman used a repaired Metal Sonic which means that Knuckles Chaotix's Metal Sonic is the real one and it also means that at some point Eggman had to go looking for Metal Sonic to retrieve it and use it...
  10. Lightnik

    Uhh Hello! Iam New in the srb2 community

    hello and welcome to Sonic Robo Blast 2 Menssage Board I'm Sparcknik and I hope you have a good time here
  11. Lightnik

    Elaborate upon your representational imagery.

    Update my current image comes from Sega's Sonic the Sketchhog, which are digital stickers created by Sega to celebrate Sonic's 28th anniversary.
  12. Lightnik

    Let's be honest about Sonic 2006

    It was actually both the kiss and the Chaos emeralds that revived Sonic, this is mentioned by Silver in the game.
  13. Lightnik

    How did you find srb2

    I met Sonic Robo Blast 2 from Sergindsegasonic who is playing it and the name of the game sounded familiar to me due to hearing about a Sonic Robo Blast in the past from Sonic Retro and then i started to research some about the game so I came across the 2.2 version preview on Youtube and I was...
  14. Lightnik


    A solution to both problems would be to have a custom save data in the game that loads automatically when it detects the game as modified In this way we avoid that players use mods in the vanilla game and at the same time we avoid that those who want to play with mods have to load a custom save...
  15. Lightnik

    Is Yuji Naka a hack?

    he was not fired according to Yuji Naka himself, the reason he left Square Enix is because he wanted to retire.
  16. Lightnik

    Are the Classic spin off canon in the Mania universe

    I forgot to mention this at the end of Sonic Forces in the Japanese dialogues Tails mentions that the Classic Sonic returned to his world because they defeated the Phantom Ruby which means that the Phantom Ruby has the power to travel between different dimensions In case you don't believe me, I...
  17. Lightnik

    Are the Classic spin off canon in the Mania universe

    I started researching and found several confirmations in Forces and Mania suggesting that Phamtom Ruby has the power to warp space time. in the first place in the battle against Infinite when he loses against Sonic and the Avatar is teleported away from the place by the Phantom ruby In second...
  18. Lightnik

    Are the Classic spin off canon in the Mania universe

    Is mentioned in the Japanese dialogues in Forces by Tails during the Deat Egg Robot fight
  19. Lightnik

    Are the Classic spin off canon in the Mania universe

    In reality Eggman could not create a copy of Metal Sonic with the Phantom Ruby that was as strong as the original since if we take into account the Japanese dialogues of Sonic Forces it is mentioned that all copies of Ruby are weaker than their original versions at the beginning of Forces and...
  20. Lightnik

    Are the Classic spin off canon in the Mania universe

    this does not make sense as Chezi mentioned the Battle in Mania takes place in the present while the one in Cd happens in the Future which obviously means that Metal Sonic is not the one from Cd since the one from Cd is in the future