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    OLDC 2021 Round 2: Entropy

    1. Sunset Summit Zone the worst level. whoever made it needs to be burnt at the stake. 2. Nimbus Lake Zone I've said before that yyeellooww's levels absolutely NAIL atmosphere. They're actively an inspiration for me, and part of why I started making Sunset Summit. This level combines the...
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    Votes - Entropy

    SP DIVISION 1. Ante-Station Zone - Jank. The engine has a ROUGH time with this level. + this is so pretty. + THIS IS SO COOL + just a really solid level otherwise honestly 2. Hollow Hill Zone -kinda bland and short -gimmick doesn't really come in until the end on some routes -some level of slope...
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    Entropy - Autumn 2020

    Single Player Knothole Coast Pagoda Park Foliage Furnace Fatal Factory Square City Shadow of Aztlan Galactic Facility Emerald Aether Dark Marsh Alabaster Fountain Hakuryu Dojo Azlant Ruin Overgrown Heights Act 2 Gate Garden Aquatic Port
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    Votes - Entropy

    SP DIVISION 1. Aqua Paradise 2. Metallic Madness 3. Toffee Tor 4. Oasis Palace 5. Wild West 6. Heroes Hall 7. Hectic Harbor 8. Cluttered Caves 9. Shadow of Atlantis 10. Snowflake Ridge 11. Concordian Coast 12. Wasteland Wilds 13. Myriad Memories 14. Cyan Heights 15. Anteggica 16. Crystal Cave...