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  1. Donovan the hedgehog

    Dev C++ error? [NEED HELP NOW] OVA A MONTH NOW

    When I try to do anything with the file like compile, run, clean and some other tools, it gives me a error. I don't know what that means. I am using Windows XP Professional SP3 with Dev-C++ in G:\Dev-Cpp\. Also, I have the Dev-Packs required for SRB2. Title changed to [NEED HELP...
  2. Donovan the hedgehog

    Sonic 2 (Coming a few months after 1.1)

    Sonic The Hedgehog 2 has now been transported to Sonic Robo Blast 2 with this wad. I don't know about a external program because I would take advantage of it. So, There is no current release until version one. Here are some pictures of the wad. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 LEVELS ARE WIDER DUE TO SUPER...
  3. Donovan the hedgehog

    SRB2 Doom Builder

    Thats because you made an MAP01D Lump insted of MAINCFG. =D
  4. Donovan the hedgehog

    fire Guisers with fofs going up and down:can I do it?

    Fire Guisers with fofs going up and down:can I do it and what linedef actions do I need?
  5. Donovan the hedgehog

    objctcfg error, objectcfg source code in topic

    It did not sigserv when the S_SKIN1 AND pictures was added. Character 4 PlayerName = SupaTails PicName = TAILCHAR SkinName = SupaTails Status = 32 PlayerText = Fastest Multithok Tails wants revenge after not getting in the spotlight for years, now he...
  6. Donovan the hedgehog

    Donovan's SRB2 Source Code Qs: 6/15 Qs answered (2 on hold)

    Ok, I have loads of questions. If they have "----------" before the number, it has been answered. If they have "**********", it has been answered half way, for the questioning from the answer, scroll down to the extra section. 1. When I compile it, it says it has no errors but its not...
  7. Donovan the hedgehog

    The SRB2 Message Board - Less posts than normal?

    I can't figure it out, it use to be like at least 60 posts a day and now its like bam, 40 posts less. How did this happen? DISCUSS
  8. Donovan the hedgehog

    Pegged Sectors block players unless player jumps

    OK, I'm making a map that has the woodrail sprite pegged down and I want it to block the player from falling without jumping but when I run to it, I go right through it. I need help please. PASSWORD PROTECTION Here is your new link...
  9. Donovan the hedgehog

    K_RockyMountain.wad Version 3.7/7.0 (Need Feedback)

    EDIT: SRB2 LIVE VERSION: Rocky Mountain is my first try to make a king of the hill map. I still have to get someone to help me on how to SOC a linedef so that will probally be made in Version 6.2 but, Rate it please. BTW, do you...
  10. Donovan the hedgehog

    Title Screen frezzes when multiplayer>join game (search)

    Ok, when I open srb2 and try to do the join game (search) like everybody. It frezzes the title screen and has no servers found but you can still can acess everything. So now I have to search for games from the page and put the ip in the srb2 launcher but I hate doing that so how do I...
  11. Donovan the hedgehog


    I descovered this on a SSB:SS game. How? My friend was somehow muted and I axidentlly pressed up when opening the console then i typed mute to see if it was muted. This can be acessed with SSB:SS or Single Player in devmode. Other EXEs are still currentlly being tested How to get a flying...
  12. Donovan the hedgehog

    Grass Edges Help - Their in the sky and not on the floor

    -->The SRB2 Wiki<-- is not helping me, anyway i need grass edges like in GFZ and THZ and CEZ and all those levels.
  13. Donovan the hedgehog

    SRB2WIKI User Login question

    I axidently changed the boarder to one that is not vauid anymore and now I can't acess my account. I need someone that can change it to do so.
  14. Donovan the hedgehog

    In Race - Tagging Starposts and Next Lap Help

    Starposts: How do I make the starposts activate right cause I cannot do it right, when you activate 1 all of them activate. Next Lap: How do I make the next lap activate right cause I cannot do it right, when you touch it you automadicly get a lap in .35 seconds.
  15. Donovan the hedgehog

    MS status simple got a New image!? LOL

    It said "Click Here Now!" with a yellow background
  16. Donovan the hedgehog

    Merging 2 Sectors into 1

    How do I do it?
  17. Donovan the hedgehog

    SLumpED thinks my wad is the IWAD

    SLumpED thinks my wad is the Iwad. Can someone help me cause I cannot save because it thinks its a IWAD. PrOf: Edit: Heres a bigger image for PrOf: The tables cry out in pain
  18. Donovan the hedgehog

    How do I Change Next Level on trigger

    How do I change the next level on trigger? Like its Jade Coast Zone 2 and you get a temple then the next level is different.
  19. Donovan the hedgehog


    Stars are Extra Important ***1. I was playing on a SRB2 server on SA-City, they wanted me to host on SRB2JTE.exe, I hosted on SRB2JTE.exe, everYone joined, they added bots but I coulden't! ***2. I added SCR_TEI23.wad and when I got the Super Sneaker Shoes It froze up for 17 seconds and said...
  20. Donovan the hedgehog

    How do you make a alarm that trigers with anywhere in sector

    Is it posible and how? I really need it for my level.