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  1. WedgeStratos

    Sulphur Nimbus - A game by Oddwarg

    Does anyone remember Eggman Hates Furries? It's one of the better Sonic fan games that exists, and is usually called "SotC with Sonic." Well, the creator of said game, Oddwarg, has been in on a project for several years now. What started out as a My Little Pony fan game soon began to falter due...
  2. WedgeStratos

    F. Sonic

    BlazeHedgehog actually discussed something like that as part of the idea for the "perfect" style of gameplay he would want to see in a Sonic game. It has some appeal, and a bit of that basis might have inspired the kind of gameplay in Lost World. This looks pretty solid. Gonna have to load it...
  3. WedgeStratos

    The Wizard Needed Rehosting Badly! It's pretty self-explanatory. I noticed there were two available builds, but I am aware that linking is pretty shit now, especially since the old SSNTails forums are borked. With this in mind, I made one bundled ZIP...
  4. WedgeStratos

    Discord - Free voice chat with no compromises?

    So Mumble is almost impossible because Fury had to host that, and things like Teamspeak and Ventrilo have been good examples of NOT working... So how about this? Discord is a free voice/IM chat client that is intended for gamers. First perk is that servers just sort of work for free. You make...
  5. WedgeStratos

    Sonic Runners - A story-based Rayman clone

    Ever played the Rayman Run games on your mobile phone? GRATZ, you've played Sonic Runners... Okay, that's unfair to SEGA. Basically, it's a sidescrolling jump-em-up with a lot of the watchful eye twitch reactions of Dimps games! Nope, still not gonna cut it...
  6. WedgeStratos

    Blow a Collective of Minds Here

    This is a simple thread. Put something down that you think will blow people away and change the way we think. Something new or, as the Free Dictionary says it... My personal mind-blowing idea. Chili calzone. Or alternatively, a chili sub sandwich. Bring it on, Subway.
  7. WedgeStratos

    How do YOU phone?!

    Recently I sold my Samsung Galaxy S3, having no reason or way to use it aside from giving US Cellular money. After that, I started hunting around for a decisive phone. Still not there yet, but I think I'm getting it down. It then occurred to me - I'm not the only person in the world with a...
  8. WedgeStratos

    PC Gamer decides to give away 5 games Hey guys, if you've got Steam, PCGamer's giving away 5 games. There's a simple gist here: 5 widgets with a Facebook Like button, and an email tab. You like the page, you put in the email, and you click go. When the page refreshes, you get a key...
  9. WedgeStratos

    Quality of Analog (Vinyl) vs Digital (CD) in Music

    With Jimmy Eat World announcing their Futures 10th Anniversary Tour and the release of three remastered LPs including Futures, I'm curious to ask some of the oldbies and music aficionados... What's your take and opinions regarding analog formats like vinyl compared to digital formats like the...
  10. WedgeStratos

    Metal Anyone v2 - Leave your Ability to Fate!

    I honestly enjoy this character. There's rarely been a hint of randomization in SRB2, and this is arguably the closest to a roguelight element I've seen yet. Random characters really do change the experience. Shadow's homing is nice for Techno Hill since the springtop enemies can give you some...
  11. WedgeStratos

    SRB1 Sonic - Now with the OTHER SRB1 Sonic!

    Uh... Nobody... cares? To be fair, not many people WANT the experience of SRB1. It's a clunky, uncontrollable mess. Otherwise, this is a neat little novelty, and I like the whole Xmas bit of it. Now we just need SRB2TGF Mode *runs*
  12. WedgeStratos

    Phonebloks: A phone worth keeping.

    Phonebloks: A phone worth keeping. This is a new kind of phone, for saving the planet, even! Every day, stuff gets thrown away just based on age, or functionality. Phones are the leading cause. So how to fix it? With Phonebloks. What is Phonebloks? Well... But really, Phonebloks is a...
  13. WedgeStratos

    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    To those having issues with Colormap limits on DSZ2 or RVZ This issue is a pretty big flaw with a surprisingly easy fix. You see that "Special PNG Version" that is for "modders only" on the op? Download that. Extract it. Run it. Now you can play the levels. You will see a few texture issues...
  14. WedgeStratos

    The Universe Project

    Imagine what a video game would be like in 1000 years... and then make it. "The Universe Project" is a project attempting to simulate the universe, from having a planet the size of Earth to going even farther beyond the Solar system, with several choices to make and lay out your own story in...
  15. WedgeStratos

    72-Hour Gaming Marathon for Child's Play charity!

    So the gist of it is, I watch some cool people. These people like to help other people. How? Child's Play charity marathon. At 10:00 AM (EST) on December 28, these guys will begin streaming for 72 hours, with a lot of games, from the PC to the 360 to the Wii U, and over the course of the...
  16. WedgeStratos

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    /!\ UPDATES /!\ Update from 5/18 Update from 8/7 Update from 8/22 Update from 9/3
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    How many PC games do you have?

    As with all situations, we feel the need to seem better through competitive standards. As such, one thing to challenge is particularly how many PC games do you have? Personally, I've got 50 or so installed and another 7 or 8 somewhere in the bins of CDs I've stashed in my desk. Granted, a...
  18. WedgeStratos

    Edd Gould, creator of Eddsworld, died.

    On Sunday the 25th of March 2012, Edd Gould passed away after a six year long battle with cancer. If You don't know Edd Gould, he was the creator, animator, and a voice of the popular Eddsworld, a series of hilarious videos available on their Youtube channel. Link to a video regarding Edd...
  19. WedgeStratos


    UPDATE 2-29-12 Just want to make an update, the closed beta has begun! It's a bit overwhelmed, but you'll get the chance in time. A: New layout on the website rather than a splash screen type of thing. B: If you were one of the lucky ones who managed to claim a closed beta key, then you’re...