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  1. Sniperific

    Frostbite Factory Zone

    The level is still far from complete, but I thought I'd upload what I have now and get some feedback. Download link Video preivew Although the video is old, it gives a small overview of the level. Comments and criticism are most appreciated.
  2. Sniperific

    Level in progress

    So, out of pure boredom, I decided to create a level so I could get use to the new features etc. The level so far is still unnamed and is far from complete, but I decided to upload what I have so far so I can get some feedback on the work I have done so far in order to improve my level quality...
  3. Sniperific

    Dr.Pepper's character wads

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to post them here as well, but meh. Characters ported by Dr.Pepper, and all credit goes to Dr.Pepper. Screenshots:
  4. Sniperific

    Control lag whilst playing Srb2

    Normally, srb2 will run fine with no problems, but recently I have been getting alot of control lag on the main menu, and whilst playing a level. Sometimes it wont pick up keys I press and sometimes It will spam the key I pressed despite only pressing it once, making the game basically...
  5. Sniperific

    Timed level

    How would i set a certain time for a level to be completed like for example if the player plays the level for 10mins the player dies and restarts at the last checkpoint (Like sonic 2) Edit - Wrong forum, can someone move this to editing help
  6. Sniperific

    Windows 7

    Thats an article about the windows 7 been backwards compatibility, i am constantly watching for news and updates but i want to know what you think of windows 7 Not alot of information has been released but i have heard that programs like the windows side bar etc will be an optional install...
  7. Sniperific

    SRB2 Doom Builder

    Very rarely, and i guess vista just has some compatibility issues with doom builder then.
  8. Sniperific

    SRB2 Doom Builder

    On the next release could you make it more vista compatible because it's crash rate on vista is much higher than on xp.
  9. Sniperific

    Sprite problem

    I change the image i want to type 31 (sprite) and it says its a sprite but when i close and reopen the file it stays as image, does anyone know how to fix this.
  10. Sniperific

    Spore the most torrented game....

    Spore: Most Pirated Game Ever Spore was without doubt the most anticipated game of the year. The game itself has blown away the people who have played it, but the DRM encouraged thousands to get their copy illegally. Already Spore has been downloaded more than 500,000 times on BitTorrent, and...
  11. Sniperific

    Big boo's haunt

    Ok i have been working on big boos haunt and its almost done, the only problem is that it still doesn't feel like its finished. All comments are welcome except spam. Download links 4Shared SRB2FFH Opengl lighting underground Inside the mansion Back of the mansion Also please note this is...
  12. Sniperific

    AVG update problem

    There seems to be a problem with avg's updating service and is giving everyone the message that there .bin file is missing so until they fix this you will have to update it from their website. Update page Here's the image of what it looks like when you get the error
  13. Sniperific

    SRB2 Doom Builder

    *place teh holder*........*shot*
  14. Sniperific

    Chronicles or unleashed?

    Both games are coming out about the same time but if you could only get one, which one would you choose?
  15. Sniperific

    How much is srb2 complete?

    How much percent is the exe complete? (Yes i know there's levels to be made etc, but how much is the exe complete?)
  16. Sniperific


    Has any character wads used that yet?, because it just seems to be a command which no-one uses =/
  17. Sniperific

    Oldest game you own

    What is the oldest game you own?
  18. Sniperific

    Message board error Lol for some reason the message board is gone funny. any reason for this?
  19. Sniperific

    Sonic 2

    So yea is it worth getting the full game on the xbox arcade and what features have they added, i know they have a score board but what other features have they added
  20. Sniperific

    Meh just tried the main srb2 page and that seems to work but the rest of the domains are still down =/