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  1. Nicholas the Hedgefox

    SRB2 getting a port for iOS. with Panda Helper (and others) helping publish it.

    We all love SRB2 here. all though i want to say this. SRB2 has a chance for going on iPhone, No, not like on the app store. but on third parties! Like Panda Helper, TweakBox. Or a IPA for people that have jailbroken phones. What are your guys opinions on this!
  2. Nicholas the Hedgefox

    How would a SRB2 Web Port with Netgame work?

    Would you have to code in HTML5? JavaScript? Possibly remove features? Leave your opinions here. I’ll read them.
  3. Nicholas the Hedgefox

    That SRB1 SAGE Fangame

    Never tried it myself, but would love to! What are you opinions?
  4. Nicholas the Hedgefox

    Are the SRB2 2.0.6 patch servers still up?

    Long time ago when 2.1 was hip, My friends wanted me to get on SRB2 v2.0.6, I thought those servers were gone, but no. The servers were still up. I just came back to the mb (no not srb2. i dont have android or pc) and though about this. Are the servers up?
  5. Nicholas the Hedgefox

    So SRB2 Changed. ALOT!

    I first played in its 2.1 state when 2.2 was getting hype (2016)I decided to try it. it looked awesome! Pretty normal. Until people were making mods of me. well my friends like jesus i couldnt be happier. i still have one i made awhile go but only 2.1 support. It was fun! but then my father...
  6. Nicholas the Hedgefox

    Super Smash Bros. Mod but Sonic-like for 2.2?

    Just wondering if theres any chance of that
  7. Nicholas the Hedgefox

    Do you have a 3DS?

    i have a old ds... is cool
  8. Nicholas the Hedgefox

    SRB2 is always crashing

    i Open up srb2win but is no screen and crashes it opens for a split second then it crashes please send me an directdraw online beta or something else to fix it
  9. Nicholas the Hedgefox

    SRB2 Chromebook

    So guys i really want to get back on SRB2 but i cant cause i have a Chromebook please my friends on it are waiting i need the port :(
  10. Nicholas the Hedgefox

    I making Modern Classic Sonic but,

    I have trouble here is the list of the wad error Command line arguments: '"C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Do not touch this is nicholas's\srb2\srb2dd.exe" ' I_StartupSystem() ... Setting up SRB2... M_StartupLocale... Z_Init(): Init zone memory allocation daemon. System memory: 1982MB - Free: 914MB...
  11. Nicholas the Hedgefox


    A game where you use the arrow keys and on the machine tap on the arrows. ---------- Post added at 02:23 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:23 AM ---------- It comes hard so Do your best on it
  12. Nicholas the Hedgefox

    What just happen to the master server?

    Seriously the master server been down long time Who did it?