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  1. Bio Spark

    [Reusable] srb2Morphed.exe []

    This is really good for Soccing tutorial. Very Nice work Morph
  2. Bio Spark

    Fake Players on the MS?

    Sometime when I host or join a game, two players join at the same time and sometime one of them get C-kicked. Immediatly after another player join but dont rename, dont move and have a green color. Is that fake players or simply, players AFK? example: Player 2 joined the game(node 2) Player 3...
  3. Bio Spark

    HUD help(create it)

    How do I create my own HUD? EDIT: I have make some change to my sentence for be more precise(sorry if I spell bad my words. My english is a little bad)
  4. Bio Spark


    1. Why my teleport sector does not work ? EDIT: two problems are solved.
  5. Bio Spark

    2.0.0 to

    How do update SRb2 2.0.0 to
  6. Bio Spark


    Yep thats right. How do you make stairs?
  7. Bio Spark

    Opengl Problems

    Why when I play SRb2 i OpenGl mode, it lag like hell?
  8. Bio Spark

    Sky and Tune

    I have two questions: 1. How do you insert sky? 2.How do you insert a tune? If you are wondering what editor i use, its SRB2DB.
  9. Bio Spark

    Post your server name.

    Like the title, post your server name here. I'll show ya an example: Server Name:(You type it here) IP:(You can leave this blank)
  10. Bio Spark

    The Gems Planet (Not By Me)

    I found a wad on the Intenet named Gems Planet. It include seven zone with a hidden warping temple who warp you to a bonus emerald stage. Its like a little stage becoming harder level to level. Here are some screenshot of the mod:
  11. Bio Spark

    Master Server Down????

    Is the Master server is curently down or what? I actuatly changed my MS adresse to the good one but i cant connect. What wrong?