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  1. super sonic running

    Favorite Sonic OST's?

    Classic: Sonic CD, Sonic Mania Modern: Sonic Colors, Sonic Forces, Sonic 06
  2. super sonic running

    A Thread for Newcomers to SRB2/MB

    Hi! if your a newcomer, then welcome to the SRB2 Community! this thread is for the newcomers who want to ask questions for SRB2/MB. And if your a SRB2 Expert then you can help newcomers by asking their questions!
  3. super sonic running

    Whats your TF2 Main?

    Mine is Scout
  4. super sonic running

    Is there a Widescreen Version Of Ultimate Flash Sonic i can download?

    i have flash game archive and the widescreen in UFS is broken, i would love to see UFS in Widescreen
  5. super sonic running

    Whats your Favorite Sonic Rom Hack?

    1. Sonic Chaos Quest Ultimate Nice Sprites, good characters, and Some Good levels make this my most Favorite Sonic Rom Hack! 2. Sonic Christmas Edition Perfect time to metion this since Christmas is coming! Rings are Replaced with stars, Original Zones and more that'll make this the best...
  6. super sonic running

    Addons for SRB2 1.09.4?

    So i just downloaded SRB2 1.09.4 From Archived Versions and i want to play it with addons but i couldn't find any addons for it so if you find some 1.09.4 mods linking it here would be very appreciated.
  7. super sonic running

    Every time i try to put a lua to my mod in SLADE, its file type is "Unknown"

    Someone help please, i wanted to put a lua to my mod but its file type is unknown
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    How do you add a LUA to mods?

    How do you add LUAs to mods?
  9. super sonic running

    My Character Crashes the game

    So i was gonna test my chracater, when all of a sudden the game crashes and a error notiffication pops up. Can some one help me with this?
  10. super sonic running

    ZSonic (W.I.P.)

    ZSonic is gonna be my first mod. Abilities: Homing Thok: Space+Space / Dashmode: Keep Running and then youll go faster! Currently, ZSonic has no sprites. So he's usings Sonics sprites but he does have a new coat of blue
  11. super sonic running

    need help with Exporting sprites from SLADE

    so whenever i export and try to save it as a .png, it just wont open. can someone help me?
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    What was the Latest Game you have Beaten?

    Fow me i beated Sonic Forces Today and Sonic 4 Epi. II 2 Days ago
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    SRB2 Facts Thread (SRB2MB Facts can be encluded)

    the Thok used to be called the "Air Spin Attack"
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    How can i change the Icon of SRB2?

    i REALLY want to change but idk how. im on windows btw
  15. super sonic running

    Old Addons Thread

    this thread is about the old Addons from SRB2 and showing them to people So heres the Modern Abilities Mod (2.1 era) by MotdSpork
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    Is there a Model limit?

    im not facing any problems or anything but im asking this cuz i have alot of models.
  17. super sonic running

    SRB2's Sprites

    well, this thread is gonna discuss about the SRB2 sprites through out history.
  18. super sonic running

    Im having problems with OpenGL

    so umm when i wanted to play SRB2 the 3D Models are not there, even though i activated OpenGL, can anyone help me with this? am i doing something wrong?
  19. super sonic running

    Your most hated sonic zone of all time?

    sonic fangames and SRB2 can be mentioned 1636291331 mine is red volcano zone. have you wondered what lava reefs lava and scrap brains difficulty would look like as a zone? well, red volcanos gottcha. its just like- so HARD and frustrating. i came to red lava with 13 lives, made it out with 8...
  20. super sonic running

    Any Addons that i should try?

    So recently I've downloaded alot of addons and i am now looking for more addons so what addons should i try?