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  1. Super Sonic Oblivion

    "pretty" srb2?

    Malfuntion. Need imput.
  2. Super Sonic Oblivion

    Hacked Text

    I hacked SRB2.exe with a text finder and among the symbols and letters if found this: What does this all mean? And who the bloody hell is Chris Anderson? EDIT: Found this is JTE:
  3. Super Sonic Oblivion

    Tranquil Stadium

    O.K. This is a map I've been working on for quite some time, and, mind you, it isn't even remotly anywhere near done. Now, I am letting everyone try this match level Tranquil Stadium V2.0 ahead of schedule. Now, let me give you an idea of size: Now, before this is done I will be adding at...
  4. Super Sonic Oblivion

    Doom Builder Questions EDIT: New Question

    1. My boss just sits on the the ground until you hit him. Even then he just flys around slowly and doesn't even fire missles. New question answered by Wiki.
  5. Super Sonic Oblivion

    OMG! This is some serious ****!
  6. Super Sonic Oblivion

    Two more things for people to comment half-heartedly on.

    O.K. First, We get to discuss this: Let's get more in-depth: Now, you should have noticed two things: 1. I'm in Spring Hill Zone 2. There are two Sonic's flying around instaed of the usual solitary sonic Now to explain the two Sonic's: the one on the right in all three pictures is me...
  7. Super Sonic Oblivion

    Death by GIFs

    Is it possible to have this as a death image?
  8. Super Sonic Oblivion

    Mystery Houses

    O.K. Can someone tell me what these are for? I found two mystery houses: one is mysticrealm and the other in Blueheaven. Screenies: Mystic Realm Blue Heaven Are these some kind of secret or are they just part of the senery? If the lather is true, WTH for?
  9. Super Sonic Oblivion

    Can someone "translate" this error for me? Wow! You have to read the error and then fix the error! What an exciting day it's been for you so far! EDIT: This should be in editing help, huh? Then again, I am releasing a custom charecter, so maybe it...