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  1. Rokotallion Blast

    whats your srb2 playstyle and why

    simple idk, analog control but good ig
  2. Rokotallion Blast

    you are now blind.

    kororobo submitted a new resource: you are now blind. - An OpenGL Shader that turns the game really dark. Read more about this resource...
  3. Rokotallion Blast

    [Reusable] Almost Software Shading

    Hello! This is an old version of the mod description, check out the Overview to see the updated one! The downloads are also moved to the download button in the header. Almost Software Shading A.S.S. for short in courtesy of Fickleheart's wacky shaders Are you tired of OpenGL's very...
  4. Rokotallion Blast

    Almost Software Shading in Hardware Renderer Concept

    Almost Software Shading A.S.S. for short. I was wondering if there was a way to make the Hardware Renderer of SRB2 to look more like the software renderer, with the lower color palette look, plus the more elegant water. I'm sure a lot of people prefer the software renderer better based on what...