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  1. gamevoin

    [Reusable] Great Divide Zone (v1.10)

    Seems like there is another bug where I got stuck in an entrance of a 2D section, in the bottom route of the lava area. gif
  2. gamevoin

    Lethal Shelter Zone

    Thank you for taking your time to report those bugs, I've fixed two of the visual glitches, but one is unfixable as far as I am aware (the second screenshot in DD's post) - it's a limit of the rendering distance. And the player shouldn't get stuck in the walls of the last boss arena anymore as well.
  3. gamevoin

    Lethal Shelter Zone

    Excellent feedback, thanks to which I've made another update. Mainly, the disorienting mess that was the right path of Act 1 is now redone, now actually leading into an area this time around, eventually connecting to the left path, and now Act 2 should be playable in Software as well, as the...
  4. gamevoin

    Lethal Shelter Zone

    Wow, thank you for the positive reception, and also for the criticism. I've updated the wad and did what I could - you can see the changelog, but most importantly I've replaced all instances of death water with underwater sections you can fall into. I did wish to change the last boss to be less...
  5. gamevoin

    Lethal Shelter Zone

    Greetings, fellow people/persons. I've finished my first wad in one week, so I am proud to finally present it to you. It features a single zone with two acts, and two boss fights, connected by incredibly edgy cutscenes, which I hope you will enjoy. This map is meant for Sonic gameplay, and...
  6. gamevoin

    Voin's Obligatory Mapping Thread

    Hello, everyone! You might have seen me on the IRC. I'm pretty new here, and after browsing without posts for a while I decided to make a simple one-zone wad as my first map. I was working for a few days, and right now I finished the first act and a first-act boss. I decided to get a thread...