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  1. Rascally Rosy

    Modern Amy V2 Progress

    I'm making new sprites for Modern Amy V2, so uhhhh
  2. Rascally Rosy

    Amy Rose Pack

    Rascally Rosy submitted a new resource: Amy Rose Pack (Modern Amy and Rosy) - An Amy Rose character pack for SRB2 v2.2 including Modern Amy and Rosy. Read more about this resource...
  3. Rascally Rosy

    Playable Amy Cameo (Version 1.0)

    Amy doesn't have her hammer this time around, but her attacks are based around the one thing she can do in Frozen Hillside. Want a hug? Abilities! Hug Attack: Press spin on the ground to hug the air. If a nearby enemy comes in contact with you, they'll blow up and generate hearts. Use this...
  4. Rascally Rosy

    Amy Mania Abilities (Version 2.0)

    Amy has some new abilities, they can be put to great use when you utilize them with caution! Abilities! Heli-Hammer: Double press and hold jump to float in the air with Amy's Hammer for two seconds. Heli-Hammer Cancel: Let go of jump while using Amy's heli-hammer to get forced into...
  5. Rascally Rosy

    Rosy The Rascal, Now With Rosy Lite! (v2.1 Abilities)

    Rosy from 2.1 is back in action! She is pepped up, full of energy, and ready for her time to shine! NOTE: Normal Rosy has been re-released in a seperate pack, find it here: Abilities! (Rosy Lite) Hammer Attack: Press spin on...