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  1. Blacknide

    [Reusable] Blacknide Colors V1.1

    Here are some custom colors i made for SRB2. These include: Royal Grey, Night Blue, Sea Green, Salvia, Inverted and Rainbow Have fun using these colors as much as i did when making them. May add more custom colors to this later or maybe not, depends.
  2. Blacknide

    [Reusable] Metal Sonic Overclocked Form (v1.2)

    This is a form based on a Sonic Rom Hack called Metal Sonic Rebooted. You become Overclocked Form by pressing spin with 200+ rings while jumping, but you can only become Overclocked without all chaos emeralds. You will enter Boost Mode instantly making it faster, way difficult to control...
  3. Blacknide

    [Character] Skating Sonic

    Sonic got bored of kart so. Now he is riding a skadeboard! He has a small Lua that makes him do a pose, when he does a trick from Tricks Lua or when he bounces from a spring/pogospring. He also comes with a MD3 because i like doing them.
  4. Blacknide

    Blacknide's Pointy Mania Sonic MD2

    After stopping being lazy and finally finishing it. Heres Mania Sonic MD2 for Pointy Sonic! Unlike my Mania Feet Sonic MD3, this one wont do Mania poses but rather be similiar to Pointy's animations.
  5. Blacknide

    [Model] Blacknide's Mania Feet Sonic MD3

    This Mania Sonic MD3 is for Feet Sonic. He also does some his poses from Sonic Mania like seen on above!
  6. Blacknide

    Gems Sonic MD2

    There he is! Sonic Model from the Gems Collection / Mega Collection. Sonic's some animations are based on Sonic Adventure because he looks like Sonic from Sonic Adventure. In MD2.dat: SONIC GEMSSONIC.md2 24.0 0.0
  7. Blacknide

    [Script] Mario Kart Style Drifting

    Mario Kart Style Drifting does what you think. It makes drifting like in Mario Kart, you hop and start drifting also can be used for jumping. This Wad is made for people who prefers Mario Kart drifting to Srb2Kart drifting.