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  1. chuuren.couto

    Akagi Shigeru

    chuuren.couto updated Akagi Shigeru with a new update entry: Akagi v1.1!! Read the rest of this update entry...
  2. chuuren.couto

    [Reusable] Akagi Shigeru - Akagi v1.1!!

    Hello!! I've been watching some custom racers and realized that akagi's face seems very stiff, so I edited the spritesheet a little, specifically the eyes in the drifting sprites. I also changed some of the SFX that sounded really bad: specifically the hitconfirm, the attack2, the boost2 and the...
  3. chuuren.couto

    [Reusable] Akagi Shigeru 1.1

    Hello! Chuuren here~ This is my first attempt at making a custom character! His stats are: 7 Speed, 5 Weight. The audio clips are a bit messy, so i'll mark it in reusable. Feel free to edit him to your liking~ Enjoyyy
  4. chuuren.couto

    Akagi Shigeru

    chuuren.couto submitted a new resource: Akagi Shigeru 1.0 - The genius who descends into kart racing! Read more about this resource...