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  1. Flowey98

    Sonic Robo Blast 2: The past DX

    If anything, it's actually YOUR fault this had to inevitably come, this is because of your behavior across multiple Discord servers, not mine. I'm "very spoiled and biased" towards you because you are a complete douchebag with your rude behavior like when you joked about glaber having a stroke...
  2. Flowey98

    Sonic Robo Blast 2: The past DX

    I'd might as well say this before things get out of hand in SoupMob's terms, I can clearly see this project getting cancelled alongside the possibility Soup getting banned from the MB. I honestly don't see the point in this project needing to be started in the first place since glaber is nearly...
  3. Flowey98

    The versions of the Sonic Robo Blast series. (Including SRB1)

    I'd say my favorite version is 2.2 due to how much of an upgrade it is compared to the older versions, it's amazing how such a simple 2D Sonic fangame became how it is today. My first version of SRB2 was 2.1.25, I first played SRB2 on the day before 2.2.0 released (12/6/2019), though sometimes I...
  4. Flowey98

    Sonic Robo Blast 2: The past DX

    Don't worry, you'll be able to do it eventually when glaber is finished with the official 2.2 port of SRB2TP aka SRB2 The Past 2.0, or if you have 2.1, you can play SRB2 The Past 1.08.c if you feel like doing it now. Please note that some things will be inaccurate like the TGF boss levels having...
  5. Flowey98

    Sonic Robo Blast 2: The past DX

    It's SoupMob's "enhanced" port of SRB2 The Past 1.08.c from 2.1, it's called DX because it will have add more stuff aside from being a regular port, I apparently have no interest in this project not only because of his bad reputation in the community, but also his rudeness with proof shown in...
  6. Flowey98

    Sonic Robo Blast 2: The past DX

    That gif of Speed Highway looks extremely similar to the one in IFrickBees1's Demo 2 Remastered mod, the only differences I have found are the enemies being cut, the majority of the level being cut, and the different textures. Not to mini-mod or anything but you might possibly get in trouble...
  7. Flowey98

    Frustrating moments at SRB2

    I didn't know you made a post with that image in mind, that Dreemurr3Asriel guy is actually me (a hint being that we have the same pfp), I took that screenshot for a Crying Gamer Boo meme since it was getting popular. Moving on, I'm pretty sure a frustrating moment that happened to every SRB2...
  8. Flowey98

    [Reusable] ChrispyChars (Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails)

    Now they can BOTH dab on Purple Heart...
  9. Flowey98

    Neptune as a Playable Character

    Yep, it is finally going to happen! I want to make her unique, besides, I am going to need a talented Sprite Artist and someone who is good at scripting, if you want to help me, you can dm me on Discord! (Please, don't do it as a joke.) My Discord tag is @Asriel Dreemurr/megamanfan0870_2#1122...
  10. Flowey98

    Project Nepon

    This picture you see is a meme I created by using Idea Factory Intl's Twitter icon and putting meme format text. I posted the image in the Discord server once before, then I posted it on my Twitter right after. Now I plan on replacing all of the Deton's sprites with this image as a solo project...
  11. Flowey98

    [Reusable] Super Mystic Sonic Reborn [SMSreborn-v2.5: Dream Aura]

    I found this character in a server during the weekend, I tested him out and he is broken! This mod has won my heart, thank you so much for this amazing mod! -Flowey98