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  1. Miyosaki

    Rodea the Sky Soldier

    Kadokawa Games and Prope (Yuji Naka's company if you forgot) collaborate to bring a new game to the Wii and 3DS...not really sure where to go from there so have a trailer. The game-play is familiar to the Kid Icarus 3DS game if you are a tad curious (just speculating)...
  2. Miyosaki

    Fred The Movie

    What is this I don't even. I really don't know what to say at this point...Discuss?
  3. Miyosaki

    Sonic in SMG2!? (False Rumor)

    Well it seems we got some odd news about SMG2 ( Super Mario Galaxy 2) Now of course, this is most likely a Rumor due to no word of it from Sega or Nintendo...BUT! What if it does end up happening? DISCUSS?
  4. Miyosaki

    3d dot game heroes

    hm...I haven't seen anyone make a topic for the game, so...yea >.>. The game purely takes the classic 8-bit style of old video games and combines them with 3D graphics, the game also copies greatly from Legend of Zelda ( just watch the trailer, you'll see) the game also allows you to edit the...
  5. Miyosaki

    strategies for anyof the 4 Multiplayer modes

    yay!!! i get to start it with telling you guys this is also talking about strategies to special stages,reaching emeralds,and emblems. If anyone can help me with a problem just ask me if you can help me you guys take it from here names' sonic 2 and my server is sonic 2 s server i...