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  1. Psy

    A question about solsest.

    Hi, it's me again, back with yet another question about yet another mod. It has nothing to do withnaging about "oH WhEn Is He GoNnA FiNsH tHe SeQuEl." My question is, does solsest work with 2.10? because i've seen a version that does work normally with 2.10, but then I go into sp to load it up...
  2. Psy

    So gentlemen, back again with another two mysterymods.

    I was messing around in SP and thought "hey mecha sonic is fun, why don't I add him?" then I go into my char folder (separate folder I use for characters I download off them MB instead of from joining a server) and add him, then remember I have a second version in my DOWNLOAD folder, quit the...
  3. Psy

    So, N64 Mario.

    Now I'm not much of the "built for speed" type of player, however I would love to get good at the built for speed Mario we have. As such I have a question. Can someone please explain the walljumps to me? I understand that you aren't really pushing off a wall, you are reflecting off of it, but I...
  4. Psy

    About Rocket Metal Sonic

    So I've seen the original rocket metal sonic, and if I remember correctly it is reusable. The reason I'm bringing this up is because I have a version that may or may not have been intended to be held off from the public. The file name is METAL-29.pk3 If anyone owns this mod or knows someone who...