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  1. Just Luxis

    Luxis trashcan.

    Hi. This are some of the mods i am doing because boredom 👍 1. Robo from Bonanza Bros! (A game that probably no one knows about-) 2. Fall Guy! (you know, the guy that falls.) 3. Some Kirby Dream Land Levels! (i only have made Green Greens lo) 4. Maria Wall from SNK (anime shits that...
  2. Just Luxis

    [Reusable] The Skeld - Among Us

    (Alright luxis, you can do this...) Hey guys... what's up? I made a level... ok... introduction: Ya like Among Us? Ya like Sonic Robo Blast 2? Well, I am happy to announce that i have made the ENTIRE skeld in SRB2, the MAP looks almost the same as the original (the map:) in level, is...
  3. Just Luxis

    What was your favorite Henry Stickmin game? (Spoiler Maybe)

    So... after "The Henry Stickmin Collection" was released, a lot of people started playing it and loved it out of nostalgia to play it again, so I come to ask you ... of all 6 games, which of everyone was your favorite? (Spoilers Alert)
  4. Just Luxis

    Luxis ColorPack (v2)

    This is my Pack Of Colors (Now they are well-maded) If any color looks a lot in name or in color to another, let me guess to change it... because i don't want any troubles with someone else color. I hope you like this colors and enjoy playing with them :D List of colors: *Lyan (It's a kind of...
  5. Just Luxis

    How Do I Make SRB2kart Circuits

    I want to know how to make circuits for SRB2kart, that's all... Please answer me, i would love to make circuits... (and tell me if it's easy or not...)
  6. Just Luxis

    Why i can't play Online?

    i don't know why this happens...
  7. Just Luxis

    How do i use gifs???

    I don't know how people put gifs or images in some of the comments can someone PLEASE tell me how?