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  1. RoyKirbs

    voting (sp)

    Digital DeLuche Zone by RoyKirbs Caustic Crater Zone by Seaballer Nimbus Lake Zone by Yyeellooww7 Bricked Busted Zone by Mikhael Blur Follow Your Rainbow by Rogerregorroger The Twins Palace Zone by Chaolino Rhyolite Ruin Zone by Radicalicious Lofty Woods Zone by Vixuzen Something Zone by Marcos...
  2. RoyKirbs

    A Very ATS Christmas

    RoyKirbs submitted a new resource: A Very ATS Christmas - A christmas special for a special person Read more about this resource...
  3. RoyKirbs

    OLDC 2021 Round 1 voting

    Video of the whole contest being played. 1. Hollow Hill Zone 2. Mercury Mine Zone 3. Abyss Caverns Zone 4. Fort Sunset Zone 5. Ante-Station Zone 6. Ridge Rapids Zone 7. Teal Tundra Zone 8. Bombastic Beach Zone 9. Emerald Glade Zone 10. Blizzard Bastion Zone 11. Falcon Emissary Zone 12. Koopa...
  4. RoyKirbs

    Encore Mode Setup Tutorial

    RoyKirbs submitted a new resource: Encore Mode Setup Tutorial - How to create Encore palettes & an overview on Encore Load Read more about this resource...
  5. RoyKirbs

    Kart Minimap Tutorial

    RoyKirbs submitted a new resource: Kart Minimap Tutorial - Makin' your tiny maps Read more about this resource...
  6. RoyKirbs

    Voting for Single Player

    Video marathoning the whole pack: Shadow of Aztlan by AkiraHedgehog Knothole Coast, Act 1 by Apollyon Pagoda Park by Rogerregorroger Galactic Facility Zone by Mondongo Foliage Furnace Zone by Kwiin & Kanna Gate Garden Zone by Ruberjig...
  7. RoyKirbs

    Fixed Color Dyes cannot return to default player color

    I was told this is definitely a bug so... Linedef Executor 463, Dye Object, when activating the executor using "SKINCOLOR_NONE" actually causes the player to get colored black instead of the default skincolor, like it should. It also doesn't dye pushable objects like it should either.
  8. RoyKirbs

    Lilac Conservatory Zone + Acreage (v2)

    The original purple Aerial Garden clone thing originating from SUGOI is back, fully remade from the ground up to best fit modern SRB2 and my own personal evolution in the world of creating SRB2 maps. It includes plenty of secrets and flowers and also bees. Now including Lilac Acreage...
  9. RoyKirbs

    [Reusable] RoyKirbs' Resource Dump (v1)

    This pack is meant to give some extra resources for modders to play around with in mapping, more to come when they are made. TO USE IF YOUR OWN PROJECT: Just copy and paste the sprite, and soc folders of the pk3 into your own pk3, each add-on is labelled so you may omit what you do not need...
  10. RoyKirbs

    Fixed Unidus gets blinded by fog blocks

    Unidus does not do anything if he is shrouded inside a fog block, unless the player enters the block with him. This seems specific to the fog block itself as it doesn't do this with normal intangible fofs. edit: this seems to happen to all enemies inside fog blocks regardless of what it is.
  11. RoyKirbs

    Fixed Potential softlock in Egg Rock Zone 2

    Hitting this eggbox just before entering this zoom tube can cause the player to get stuck, forcing a retry.
  12. RoyKirbs

    Enby Echoes Zone (v1)

    Enby Echoes is a crazy purple void thing, originally intended to be a ULDC submission but now exists at it's own standalone thing. The level is full of weird gimmicks involving negative-gravity water and springey-type enemies. Do enjoy it! All music is from Ecco: Tides of Time. oh...
  13. RoyKirbs

    Rolling Rock unaffected by Wind/Current effects

    The Rolling Rock thing doesn't get affected by wind whenever the player is currently standing on the rock, they do however get pushed by wind the moment the player leaves the rock.
  14. RoyKirbs

    [MP Level] Dreamscape Gardens

    Dreamscape Gardens is a pack-a levels for SRB2 Kart! It features 16 race maps, split into 4 separate cups. Featuring: There's also a pack of battle maps as well! Enjoy your dang selves! Old versions live here:!lLJkmSZC!9klBaW-r5aUMUUcQvn1ejQ Supporters / Co-Authors...
  15. RoyKirbs

    The Pony Thread (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

    Obligitary, really. This is quite the cartoon, spreading over the internet like a wildfire for the past several months. It was produced by Lauren Faust, whom of which worked on several great cartoons in the past, such as Fosters and The Powerpuff Girls, and is that greatness carried over in the...
  16. RoyKirbs

    N00bhogs (UPDATED! 5.30.08)

    N00bhogs, the most longest running soc I have done. Now it is finally done. Updated link 2.0(Main server): Link (Right-click -> Save as...) The soc replaces allmost all of the enemies in the game, and most of them lose rings just like sonic, let me go down a list. Blue crawla: Regular...
  17. RoyKirbs

    The green monitor

    This is kinda strange, but when I was looking in the manual of SRB2 I found an image of an unused sprite in the game, namely this: What is it doing in there?
  18. RoyKirbs

    A bunch of random stuffs. :D (Iamawsum.soc)

    lolz i make moar soc Downloadz link*New link* This soc does the following: Makes all the enemies (Discluding mario enemies) explode like bomb rings. Changes the HUD to be more like SMB. (Fixed) Has two new bosses. Makes the bomb rings act more like grenades. Makes you awsum so download...
  19. RoyKirbs

    Flickies enemy (BirdEnemy.soc)

    This is my first soc, ever. So if there is anything wrong with this please tell me and I will TRY to fix it. Download link It basicly changes blue crawlas into flickies (Birds). Oh, and as a bonus, the eggman boss shoots rapid-fire bird-missles, and strafes the player, the panic mode has him...