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  1. Shutash

    StephChars v2 - Revamp Update

    i have no clue what you mean by "The village of Sinopa tells the legend of a Hero's Crest, gifted by the combination of chaotic crystals and supercharged crafted creations.", but it sounds cool
  2. Shutash

    What happens when you load a normal SRB2 map in SRB2 Kart or vice versa?

    I mean, i already know that it'll probably look and act strange, but the question is: how strange?
  3. Shutash


    How about a notification sent to the server owner (and any of the server moderators if the owner isn't in the server) when a file is too large to be sent over the server so that they can raise the maxsend limit?
  4. Shutash

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    pretty sure that's just how lineart looks
  5. Shutash

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    what's that for?
  6. Shutash


    hey, what's up with jim forcing the camera settings to change?
  7. Shutash

    Super Mario

    Man, Mario's skid animation glitches out a weirdly large amount. Like, if i load a certain amount of mods, it just goes to his "preparing to jump" sprite.
  8. Shutash

    Modern Sonic V5.12

    duke v2?
  9. Shutash

    Modern Sonic V5.12

    personally, i'm more excited for that duke nukem update he was showing leaks of on the discord
  10. Shutash

    [Reusable] Backwards Aigis

    Found a bug it seems like if someone is playing as B. Aigis, the charge meter shows up for everyone, even if they're not playing as her.
  11. Shutash

    Super Mario

    Digital: Back To Mad Midi: Rainbow Road SNES remix
  12. Shutash

    Scarf The Wolf

    turns out you can actually do a gravity jump out of the double jump if you switch, so that's cool also, there's a heavy bug if you go hyper with xmomentum. the game runs slower, music stutters, etc.
  13. Shutash

    RushChars - Blaze and Marine

    they also already have fail sprites if i'm remembering correctly
  14. Shutash

    Super Mario

    Y'know, since you can't really vertically move iced-out enemies, perhaps mario could "kick" them (with the skid sprites being used) upwards/forwards by pressing the attack button while near one. Maybe it could even bring up this golf-esque minigame that decides the trajectory of the attack? oh...
  15. Shutash

    Name some bootlegs.

    sonic adventure 7 (as to where 3 through 6 are, i have no fucking idea)
  16. Shutash

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    The abilities that he'll have are listed somewhere on page 6. Out of all of them, I think my favorite is Burst Speed simply because of how cool it sounds.
  17. Shutash

    Charge Abilities

    That discount drop dash sounds like it'd be quite cumbersome to do, considering that charging makes you fall slower.
  18. Shutash


    ohhhhhh noted.