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  1. Just Luxis

    [Reusable] Goal Ring

    I don't think it even got in here. Probably... in gamebanana? or... servers? i don't know.
  2. Just Luxis

    [Reusable] Goal Ring

    (oh fuck someone replied to one of my old messages) Isn't the city escape one a portleg tho????? Those things are not allowed in here IIRC, and some people hate it to death lol.
  3. Just Luxis

    Metal Anyone v3

    You know, only because the mod creator was banned from the OS doesn't means the mod is cancelled.
  4. Just Luxis

    Luxis trashcan.

    So uhhh, yeah, hello y'all, Luxis here. Today i am showing a re-work on the stand sprites. Nothing much really, just some fixes in the back of the character. Alright uhhhh, everyone have a good day or whatever. I am... probably fixing the colors... later.
  5. Just Luxis

    SRB2 Uncapped

    Well i can see people stopping using the original .exe and starting to use this, whatever, it's really nice to see 60+ FPS in a game like SRB2, really poggers.
  6. Just Luxis

    Wheelchair Inazuma v2b

  7. Just Luxis

    Imposter in SRB2 (Out)

    Why among us can't be taken seriously anymore :devastation:
  8. Just Luxis

    about the discord

  9. Just Luxis

    Fictional characters you'd never want to exist in real life.

    Well, you know all the destruction that could happen if they would exist in real life?
  10. Just Luxis

    Skid and Pump (The Spookeez)

    It will release when it's done, be patient.
  11. Just Luxis

    Lua-Sonic (REJECTED)

    Umm, isn't promoting yourself breaking the rules??
  12. Just Luxis

    (Character) Sonic Adventure in SRB2

    What do you mean "using modern sonic sprites", they MADE the sprites, how the fuck could you confuse these two man.
  13. Just Luxis

    Dreamcast Sonic (DC-Sonic) Progress

    God, how can a small sprite be so awesome
  14. Just Luxis

    Dreamcast Sonic (DC-Sonic) Progress

    The fuck. What the fuck dude, blueblur did their best to do this and you say this, you are being incredibly rude. What the fuck does toei sonic have to do with Dreamcast.
  15. Just Luxis

    Robotniik (from the early srbii intro)

    wrong, Tree Sonic (SRBii) existed, but the creator didn't liked the mod anymore so just deleted it.
  16. Just Luxis

    Why do you think so many Brazilians are apart of the SRB2 Community?

    I mean, not only brazilians, a lot of people from different countries are in the community. Spanish, Russians, and IIRC even Japenese/Chinese people.
  17. Just Luxis

    Speedy's OC Mod.

    Please, don't use the homing thok. is slow, and makes you lose momentum. It's not really fun imo.
  18. Just Luxis

    Trying to learn SRB2s art style, feedback would be much appreciated!

    Okay first of all. The correct channel would be "Modding Help". Second. DUDE, is this seriously your first time??? Jesus it looks beautiful. And cute.
  19. Just Luxis


    The only pokemon games i have played are GBA and DS ones.