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  1. SpinSlash165

    [Reusable] Flare the Lizard v1.9 - Simplified

    DISCLAIMER: This mod is not associated with any other Flares in SRB2. A new face joins the battle to stop Eggman! A Disastrous Beginning As far as the public is concerned, Flare isn't a hero. Supposedly, he's a monster. After footage leaked of an underground experiment that he sneaked into...
  2. SpinSlash165

    Custom state defaults to idle sprite

    Hello again. I'm trialing a custom state for the player, but I've run into a notable issue. Despite loading the required state and sprite into the freeslots, the state just defaults to the player's idle sprite. states[S_PLAY_FLSHOTG] = {SPR_PLAY, SPR2_FYRG, 35, A_ForceStop, 0, 0, S_PLAY_STND}...
  3. SpinSlash165

    "Closed bracket expected" even though there is one

    This has been plaguing me for the last several months. Sometimes after I've made a change to a Lua script, the game spits this in my face when I try to load it: WARNING: [directory]|LUA_SHOT:33: ')' expected (to close '(' at line 10) near 'end' I have NEVER changed the position of the final...
  4. SpinSlash165

    Trying to replace CA2_MELEE's landing sound

    Hi again, I've been trying to change the sound that plays when CA2_MELEE lands/ends to another sound within the game files, but to no effect. dss3k8b = dss3k4c (this is in the S_SKIN) How do I get this to work? Is this even the right sound?
  5. SpinSlash165

    [SOLVED!] Immediate Ability usage after setting it?

    Hello! This might be a weird question, but I'm having a few issues with Lua. I've set up a code that switches my character's CA from DOUBLEJUMP to TWINSPIN by pressing Spin while airborne - which works as intended - but my problem is that I have to press Spin a second time to get the Twinspin...
  6. SpinSlash165

    [Reusable] Jotaro Kujo (JJBA: Stardust Crusaders) - V2

    Jotaro Kujo joins the race! A powerful Stardust Crusader approaches, more than ready to leave the competition in the dust. Some of the other racers have claimed to see some sort of "spirit" racing along with him. Of course, everyone knows ghosts don't exist! ...what do you mean, "Hyudoro"...
  7. SpinSlash165

    [Reusable] Werehog & Chip

    Werehog Sonic and Chip join the race! After a mission to stop Eggman goes awry, Sonic found himself with a new form and a new friend. How they're both here in SRB2K is a mystery... maybe the Phantom Ruby has something to do with it? STATS: Handling 3, Acceleration 7 COLOUR: Blueberry The...
  8. SpinSlash165

    [Reusable] Sparkster (UPDATE: Axel Gear)

    Sparkster joins the race! A Rocket Knight from the distant kingdom of Zephyrus (or is it Zebulos?), this time Sparkster's traded his trusty jetpack and sword for a combat-ready kart! STATS: Handling 1, Acceleration 3 COLOUR: Sapphire First mod, here we go. Sparkster is the main protagonist of...