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  1. MoonDeLaAxel

    [Reusable] ChrispyChars (Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails)

    .....Mostly. it's still missing a few "Default dances" based on the levels. Though that's mainly my fail because my drive got ultra fricken fragmented and I haven't been able to access the files for a few months. Probably when I get the time and or find the files again will we get the missing...
  2. MoonDeLaAxel

    [Reusable] Eriko Christy (ILLBLEED)

    A character I didn't expect to see at all. Nice to know somebody else remembers the game. Shame we never got a sequel to it.
  3. MoonDeLaAxel

    Pointy Sonic

    Pointy was a pleasure to work on, absolute blast to play with as well, kudos to you two!
  4. MoonDeLaAxel

    [Reusable] Slash Kamei

    Awesome! Probably one of my favorite games on the N64 back in the day. Brings back a lot of memories. Glad to see representation from such a great game series that was commonly referred to as "Mario Kart on Ice"
  5. MoonDeLaAxel

    Lakeflower Zone- A First Level

    Certainly by no means a bad level. Perhaps a tad bit on the cramped size. It's plays decently enough, though it'm actually a bit disappointed that it ended relatively quickly. It also seems you have the mapinfo setup for an act 2, I presume you plan to do more than one map? You have some...
  6. MoonDeLaAxel

    SRB2 The Past 1.08.c

    Oh, gotcha. My bad.
  7. MoonDeLaAxel

    SRB2 The Past 1.08.c

    While I know this may seem a bit of a minor gripe, But Red Volcano's Hub Card and map name says "Red Volcaino" instead of "Red Volcano". Wasn't sure if you were aware of that or not.
  8. MoonDeLaAxel

    [Emerald Hunt] Mondo Mountain

    I've have to agree with you there. Trying to find the perfect balance between being open, yet avoiding looking entirely bland isn't an easy task. I've also noticed the lagspikes myself a tad, so I'll probably sneak a small update once I figure out the more troublesome areas. I'm already aware...
  9. MoonDeLaAxel

    [Emerald Hunt] Mondo Mountain

    What started as a simple emerald test map for fun, slowly evolved into something original! You all should know the drill by now, 3 emeralds to collect, large map to explore. (You might even find a visual gag along the way.) All resources are contained within the wad itself, there is no need for...
  10. MoonDeLaAxel

    Possession! [2.1c]

    Nipples The Enchilada Mode was totally worth it. But the overall gametype is fun as hell. Testing it even early on was fun. =P
  11. MoonDeLaAxel

    [Reusable] Time Competition

    I remember playing this with Hatninja, for a few maps, and it was pretty solid. I approve of this.
  12. MoonDeLaAxel

    Circuit map pack (CSPHERE.wad)

    Hosting this now. But it seems a majority of players feedback is negative. The lack of indication of where to go or what action to perform confused a good few. Frozen Slush seems to have a set of springs that lead to nowhere at one point, where it seems a ceiling is way too low if it was...
  13. MoonDeLaAxel

    [Reusable] Zone Builder

    So I have a bug that keeps recurring on my end with Zone Builder. I created a map with the program, which opened fine in 3D mode before but until recently, after latest saved with the map and trying to enter 3d mode causes the program to hang. It's memory usage skyrockets while the program is...
  14. MoonDeLaAxel

    [Reusable] Luminous Music Pack

    Long time no see everybody. I presume you've all been well since 2011? Alright. I know what you're thinking. What gives? Why did I come back? What's this "music pack" about? "I thought those were banned." Well. What if I told you all of these tracks are original compositions? Each seemly...
  15. MoonDeLaAxel

    Who has been randomly hit by viruses and spyware?

    That's strange, the other day this computer that I am on now kept opening internet explorer, and when I opened Task Manager, there were three weird programs, that I know did not belong, so I run Microsoft Security Essentials and Spybot, and it found one Trojan downloaded, Some malware that...
  16. MoonDeLaAxel

    The filenames of the sound for when your feet touch the ground?

    You know... kinda like Walking footstep sounds.. I checked the wiki, but the names of them don't seem to be in there, for I wanted to add the sound of footsteps to my wad. Hint: Think Sonic R
  17. MoonDeLaAxel

    "Invisible Character?"

    Ok. I start to make a wad again, and get an ever werider effects. I have the latest XWE for SRB2, and started editing a wad, so I add a couple random sounds, and edit some minor things, and go to test it. The issues: Singleplayer: It works, but all of the "sprites" are "missing" for nothing...
  18. MoonDeLaAxel

    I have a question about XWE

    I have the latest beta of Xwe and for some reason... It will not work with my Windows Vista Home Premium Computer... It only seems to work with my Xp computer that lost it's internet connection. I keeps giving me List index out of bounds and error number (0-3) everytime i click some tab like...
  19. MoonDeLaAxel

    I need more help wit my wad of me...

    *sigh* Yes, This ol' topic again, same old segment violation problem when the character goes it to the falling animation, but now I need to know... Why are my "standing" sprites are "falling" sprites and my 1 waiting sprite a "tails carring you sprite?" Edit: I won't make the sprites until...
  20. MoonDeLaAxel

    How Can I put Custom Textures From My Hard Drive Into a SRB2

    How Can I put Custom Textures From My Hard Drive Into Srb2 Doom Builder For MY Wads?