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  1. Chimera

    SRB2's picking up news coverage... again.

    And it's all thanks to this guy. It's like the first time this thing's got sizeable coverage since that magazine.
  2. Chimera

    Vampires Suck- the parody of Twilight

    So, the movie's been known for a while now, and it's suppose to air around the end of August. When I saw the first trailer I litterally laughed out loud. I'm really looking forward to this movie. For those who don't know about it, here's a trailer:
  3. Chimera

    Sigsev on startup on an EXE mod. Dunno what happened.

    So I ran an EXE mod of SRB2, after compiling, and what happens is it sigsevs before it even goes to the main menu (or the "Sonic Team Junior Presents;" it sigsevs on Baby Sonic). So I run the debugger and I get this: Hello, it's me, SRB2's Console Window Old STD_INPUT_HANDLE: 00000003 New...
  4. Chimera

    Source code compiling problem. without touching the code, I ran a test compile with Code::Blocks. I got it bundled with MinGW32 and patched it wit hthe SRB2 libraries. Unfortunately, when I compiled, that happened. Can anyone help? :/ Edit: I also tried the MinGW make. Well, this is what...
  5. Chimera

    Silver the Hedgehog, a WIP.

    Before you say it, yes I know there's, like, 3 silvers getting made, but none of them are really done yet for SRB2 2.0+ (IIRC), so I decided to dig up an old sprite I made around a year ago and start making Silver. :P (also I have permission from Chrispy to edit his sprites.) So yeah...
  6. Chimera

    Only one more day...

    There's only one more day until SAGE starts, and that means the release of SRB2 2.0... So, you hyped? :D Personally, I'm really hyped. I can't wait for a completed Knuckles, more than 3 sages, and "improved" match system. It'll also be fun to see the new stuff people will make in celebration...
  7. Chimera

    Emerl.WAD- updated July 18th, 2009- 2:20 PM

    Remember ages ago when I tried making Super Silver? Screw that, I got something else in mind. I once thought about putting Emerl in SRB2, but i wanted to wait for coded abilities to be put in to SRB2CB (Kalaron said he thought that could happen, but I don't wanna bug him =P). Anyway, I just...
  8. Chimera

    Super Silver- A W.I.P.

    Hey Guys, I'm making a Super Silver wad! He's gonn'a be a next-gen/rivals combo, but i'm gonna need JTE's help with some of this stuff. his back. his back-run. If anyone who's good with modding and want's to help with this prodject, feel free to chip in! If someon wants to help, i'll tell...