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  1. FieryExplosion

    [Reusable] KHBlast - Release Candidate 1.5.5

    As a fan of Kingdom Hearts, it made me happy to see this mod finally got released. It's not perfect—combat isn't the most engaging, bosses can be too beefy sometimes, and damage was a fair bit negligible (though it's worth noting I played this on RC 1.3)—but overall, this is a great way to...
  2. FieryExplosion

    [SUGOI 2] Oh My God! It's Joseph Joestar In SUBARASHII: X-Mas Mode In July

    SUBARASHII was a pretty fun experience, all things considered. Though, the Special Stages I could've cared less for (I beat only one out of six, but luckily I had several tokens on hand), but it was alright. Some of the levels though (Abandoned Airbase, Roasted Ravine, etc.) got way too long...
  3. FieryExplosion

    Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions

    IT IS CONFIRMED. It looks so beautiful. The overworld even looks the same as it used to, and all the Dream Team/Paper Jam stuff is there! There's even a new Minion Horde mode thing replacing Mario Bros.! Nintendo wins E3 forever.
  4. FieryExplosion

    Jeck Jims' Highpoly MD2s

    Amazing! Glad to see these models get a big update. question though. Where's SUGGESTEDMD2.dat?
  5. FieryExplosion

    Player corpses

    Jeez, you're adding updates really damn fast! The tombstone looks kind of cheap, but eh, I suppose it works fine.
  6. FieryExplosion

    [Reusable] Super PeelOut (4.0)

    Sonic on steroids. Nice to see the Super Peel-Out from Sonic CD. Now all we need to do is let someone sprite the figure-eight run Sonic had in CD...
  7. FieryExplosion

    SRB2 Hub (1.3)

    He's updating it, but apparently he got randomly blocked. Guess we'll have to be patient.
  8. FieryExplosion

    2.0 Knuckles

    In my opinion, 2.0 Knuckles looks fine. Though I can see why Chuckles replaced 2.0 Knux. His idle wait animation is just too "unfitting" alongside Sonic and Tails. Gee, I wonder why everyone is so obsessed with stuff from the past now that 2.1's been out for 5 or 6 weeks or something.
  9. FieryExplosion

    SRB2 Hub (1.3)

    Nice little level you got here! It's so different from your SRB2Rock (didn't even know you were the creator). The zone hubs are pretty creative and fun to play around with. Nice addition of the Master Emerald shrine, BTW. Eventually I'd like to see more come out of this, as it has a bunch of...
  10. FieryExplosion

    Jeck Jims' Highpoly MD2s

    Jeck Jim's MD2 models are definitely awesome. They look adorable and darn badass - and I really hope you can get to porting all your other 2.0 MD2's too! Your hard work really pays off, and I really like how these models are like all custom. They ARE custom, right? XD
  11. FieryExplosion

    [Reusable] SRB2 Soundtrack Remade (OGG)

    Probably not in Miscellaneous, but I've seen music packs alongside level pack releases, so I think you could do something like that.
  12. FieryExplosion

    [Reusable] SRB2 Soundtrack Remade (OGG)

    Wow, this actually made it in! I may still be listening to that BTS/ATS Music replacement, but hey - it couldn't hurt to give this a shot. Hope you can finish this with all of your hard work! Wow, that kinda sounded weird...
  13. FieryExplosion

    Bouncy (dot lua!)

    SRB2: Bouncy Edition! NOTE: We are not responsible if this bounciness manages to get you killed. I guess those Badniks (and Eggman) will be defeated easier now.
  14. FieryExplosion

    [Reusable] Virt's MD2 Collection

    Oh, okay, thanks for that! That Modern Sonic model looks gorgeous. :D And that SRB1 Sonic's head... looks a bit odd ingame. And he likes to look backwards, then forwards, and then back again like a flickering light bulb. But hey, it's SRB1 Sonic, right? XP
  15. FieryExplosion

    [Reusable] Mach Speed - Can't Stop The Blur!

    Well, the dreaded Mach Speed mode has returned from Sonic 06! Now all we need is to play Wave Ocean - The Inlet, and we're all set to go! I'd like to see who can beat SRB2 with this. Impossible, I imagine.
  16. FieryExplosion

    [Reusable] Virt's MD2 Collection

    Yay, it's Modern Sonic! Looks like one of my wishes came true. ...and...SRB1...Sonic? BWAHAHAHAHA! Hilarous! I didn't actually think someone would make a MODEL for him! ...say, what's the character skinname for SRB1 Sonic?
  17. FieryExplosion

    Greeneyes - v2.3.2 - Multiability ain't got nothin' on this! Feel the Heat!

    Nice little upgrade Greeneyes has got here! I can't help but feel that the "Heat" ability goes by a little too fast, but I guess that's to keep it from becoming overpowered. Greeneyes is getting awesomer with every passing week... or month... or something.
  18. FieryExplosion

    Woodland Caper Zone (scr_WoodlandCaper.wad)

    Stage was a bit too short for my tastes, but I like how 2D mode is finally seeming to get along. Also, the fact that Sonic couldn't actually thok took me by surprise. The boss was a nice 2D version of the Sea Egg. Okay job, I guess.
  19. FieryExplosion

    [Reusable] Sunset Isle Zone Act 1

    Huh, a generally okay level. The music's kinda weird though. It's good for a first generic beach level in a mod or something. Good job.