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  1. Jonloo1

    fznmeatpopsicle's SRB2 Model Pack

    This model is super cool! The stylization is really nice, fits with the whole feel Junio Sonic gives off. It fits that 3d Junio Sonic shaped hole in my heart perfectly, it's nice to have most of my favorite critters in 3D. The original 2D art can't be beat, but thankfully SRB2 has the option to...
  2. Jonloo1

    [Reusable] Sonc's Funny Adventure

    'Twas a level most intriguing, most humorous and most enchanting. Moments of loneliness exude from this little realm of yours, advanced further by the tales of murder and escape. Gigglesome it made me, however, with its plot resembling the ramblings of a child. Most epic this experience was. I...
  3. Jonloo1

    [Reusable] Naluigi's Oops! All Greens

    Ah, nice to see the subjectively superior color getting even more representation! Finally I'll be able to enjoy getting even more specific with the tones of green I like. Thanks!