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  1. retroboi4

    which sonic game needs a remake or a port

    i'd say sonic heroes
  2. retroboi4

    What is your favorite Sonic music

    radical highway, speed highway, emerald coast, city escape, live and learn, open your heart, green forest
  3. retroboi4

    SA2 or Sonic Heroes

    SA2 for obvious
  4. retroboi4

    What is your favorite console?

    i guess the dreamcast the gamecube is just inferior
  5. retroboi4

    What if Sonic stopped being made?

    sheesh that's a bit rude
  6. retroboi4

    Sonic 2 and 3 are better than 1

    well sonic 2 is a great game and also sonic 3 but i prefer sonic 3 & knuckles because the game is longer and has some great shields & knuckles
  7. retroboi4

    How did you discover Sonic?

    at 2017 i found this game known as sonic so i decided to play it and damn was the game radical that i became a sonic fan
  8. retroboi4

    favourite sonic romhack?

    i kind of tried to get 100% this game but i failed
  9. retroboi4

    favourite sonic romhack?

    Sonic 2 Anniversary edition and sonic megamix 3.0 and 5.0
  10. retroboi4

    what sonic character do you hate

    Elise and Rouge
  11. retroboi4

    About sonic mania on epic games...

    yo thats the best deal to be honest i have sonic mania from epic games and i also got another free game horizon chase turbo 1626336873 well thats strange i have mine with the audio
  12. retroboi4

    American Sonic

    nah American sonic looks radical thats what made sonic a recognizable video game icon
  13. retroboi4

    Sonic x minecraft

    fun fact: once the creator of minecraft notch wanted to add sonic by crafting one boots and red dye and you will turn into sonic and go faster
  14. retroboi4

    Let's be honest about Sonic 2006

    i guess its great game and a bad game hey but it had some great visuals and i dont feel its a bad game but it is too buggy and the sonic and elise scene so yeah
  15. retroboi4

    World Adventure Sonic - Ps3/Xbox360 Sonic (I'm taking a break)

    man thats some good sprite work
  16. retroboi4

    The E3 Direct happened

    sonic colors and t sonic 2022
  17. retroboi4


    finally i can drive