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  1. Snowyfox

    [Reusable] SRB2 Riders 2.46.5

    I can't wait to play this! I've never played the 1.09.4 version before.
  2. Snowyfox

    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    I just found that out playing SRB1.
  3. Snowyfox

    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    Woah! This thing is cool. But for bots, I tried them out on Mystic Realm and in one of the homing attack gaps, all of the bots fell except Cream and Tails. So could you make a bot-back feature? Like, Kirby Super Star. If you go too far without your partner, they instantly teleport back to you...
  4. Snowyfox


    Minecraft is a part-free-part for buying It is an indie sandbox game :3 You should REALLY try it :D
  5. Snowyfox

    I think my Wii's broken.

    Ok.I was playing Smg2 on the perfect run then a little blackout happened and now my wii won't run. I got the idea of not using it for a few hours
  6. Snowyfox

    The Blue Screen of Death...

    has anyone ever GOT IT? It happen's when I login sometimes and when I want to run SRB2 in OpenGL,It randomly BSOD's. Nothing I mean NOTHING happens in Software. Can someone tell me how to get rid of it? Should I try recovery?
  7. Snowyfox

    [Reusable] FloatOrb (SOC and example WAD)

    Nice, I might try it, but on an unrelated note, If you messed a little with it, Could it become a Pull star-ish thing?
  8. Snowyfox

    How could I lower my ping.

    Oh my god. Oh my gosh. I found this website by random and look what I found I seriously need to lower my ping. I really need some help -NOTE- Using Clearwire
  9. Snowyfox

    Master Server Website wrecked

    The website is now just a wreck. It's all just plain coding. Very Plain coding.
  10. Snowyfox

    XWE Bug.

    I need to see Sonic.plr, but XWE says "Index out of bounds (3)" or something like that EDIT:Never mind
  11. Snowyfox

    Alpha Yet-Very-Not-Complete Mr.Saturn Wad

    Boing! Zoom! Yes. I know the 2nd Sprite is very Sucky. The 1st Sprite needs a little tweak with the nose.
  12. Snowyfox

    The Mother/Earthbound Series?

    Does anyone like it? I liked all games so far. that Even my new name on netgames is Ninten (yay) I love the music in Earthbound. Mother 3's music was cool too but Mother 3's best :/ I'm stuck on the Bass guy
  13. Snowyfox

    Invalid Linedef Type 606 can light up the whole map.

    I'm a beginner at mapping. Finally I learned how to tag sectors (It wasn't easy.) but however... Yeah. IT FILLED UP THE WHOLE MAP. At least I know how to make water now :P EDIT:Oh and it isn't water.
  14. Snowyfox

    How to make Teleporters?

    Well, I'm making a stage that has a teleporter I already made the floor. Can Somebody help me?
  15. Snowyfox

    [Reusable] Metal Knux

    Ow.My eyes hurting :X I can't stand the color. In bright places My eyes hurt but Knuckles was enough for both.
  16. Snowyfox

    [Reusable] Metal Knux

    For the sake of god, Can you make this a lil' brighter? The pallete looks too dark. It's crimson, Not red. It should be like, 30 percent brighter :X
  17. Snowyfox

    SRB2 for 3DS?

    As there's a wii version,and the 3DS is stronger.Does anyone think it's possible to Port SRB2 to the 3DS? Discuss.
  18. Snowyfox


    Does anyone like that game? I LOVE it Considering it the best game of 2009. but crappy controls is enough. At least SUPER is better. Also Try PRIEST with CROSS. and also if you type LOL WUT You get a giant Maxwell head XD
  19. Snowyfox

    Essentials for Level editing?

    Well... So I got kinda bored and want to do a level. But I don't know the essentials tools to make a level. Someone list them all and then it's a lock.
  20. Snowyfox

    Isolated Canyon?

    On the wiki it says TUNES 88 - Isolated Canyon Extended Mix. What is Isolated Canyon?Is it a canned level or somethin'?