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  1. Hybrid

    *SOLVED* Slope to Water Surface Error

    So I added a slope while polishing a level. The slope on its lower is inside a water surface while its upper isn't. In Zone Builder, everything shows up correctly and how it's meant to be, but in actual SRB2, it doesn't. Please help! Attached screenshots below.
  2. Hybrid

    E.G.G. Base Zone - Map21 of story continues

    Hi guys this is the final level's Act 1 of my pack called "SRB2 Story Continues". For more information about the pack, you can go here - You can also find screenshots there. It may sound WEIRD but this level is made of floating ruins but inside there...
  3. Hybrid

    Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Remake <HD> PC

    Even if everyone hates this game, I like it (without bugs). So it is coming! This time, really! Seeing that nobody created a thread about it, I made it. Some videos of it-
  4. Hybrid

    ERZ2 Inaccessible Area I am talking about this. Also- Does anybody knows about any of these? If yes then please tell me too. Also if anybody know about any of these areas, can he make a video for that please?
  5. Hybrid

    FSonic in ERZ2 Error...

    So, I was playing Srb2 with Fsonic and ssx_term_all.lua Went to ERZ2 and discovered this:- It also happens without ssx_term_all...
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    Greeny Arenas Zone Demo - Map01-03 of Story Continues

    This is my 1st Single Player level of my level pack SRB2 -- Story Continues. For more information about my level pack go here - You can also find screenshots there. Special Thanks to "Lat'" for letting me use his AMT Crawla.
  7. Hybrid

    Please help with lua...

    Hi, I just want to know how get all colors flashing of player... I mean, when we change all colors in SRB2 like this- Please tell me a command to do this, I mean please tell me total, so I can cut and paste it in my lua file... Please...
  8. Hybrid

    SRB2 -- Expansion Pack or whatever

    Hello! And I decided to make a level pack called SRB2--Expansion Pack (Story Continues) or whatever you wanna call it, for 2.2 composed in - scr_srb2sc1.0.wad I have photos! Levels' Screenshots- 1.0) Greeny Arenas Zone (100%) 2.0) Tech Trap Zone is being remade For the scrapped...
  9. Hybrid

    Cannot view all servers?

    I cannot view all the servers, I mean that when I go to, I can see every server and they all are portforwarded but in Srb2 I cannot view them I can only see ToBeFree's server and no server... Please help...
  10. Hybrid

    Submission not proceeding...

    Now you seen my earlier post now that's 3 WEEKS 1 DAY ,And that is more than enough!!
  11. Hybrid

    How to add wall textures and floor textures in SRB2?

    I am making the mod you see in my signature. Can anyone tell me how to add wall textures and floor textures in SRB2, Please?
  12. Hybrid

    Submission not proceeding...

    Hello, More than 2 weeks before I posted my submissions first was a character and second was a level, I posted those at the same time. The problem is- The character wad was moved to rejected submissions but the level, it was neither moved in releases forum nor in reject submision. HELP![
  13. Hybrid

    How to add a sky in srb2

    I am making a mod, I want someone to tell me how to add/replace a sky please.
  14. Hybrid

    Can Anyone help?

    I want someone who knows how to make levels.I want him/her to help me making levels for my mod.
  15. Hybrid

    Srb2 online not working

    Whenever I want to play online,when I choose any room,my broadband just resets!Please help
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    What the problem of releases

    Whenever I post anything into the releases forum it say : "Wagon, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access...
  17. Hybrid

    Tried To Transmit Another code?

    Before hosting a server I added the light dash ability wad, chaos control lua and Hms123311 wad together, when i host a server it works correctly but, whenever i close my server (Because of lagness) and restart it again, SRB2 Closes and I got three ERRORS :-/ 1.) Signalhandler_segment-violation...
  18. Hybrid

    Sonic Robo Blast 2 D/S

    I know you all will be thinking what means D/S,It Means Dark Saints... The Dark Saints Progress is 50% All the levels that *icefox*avp* said me I made, but I dont know icefox has made all his levels or not... And, Unfortunately he was banned ... so I think he has canceled the project D/S...