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  1. LuminousNeon

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    but what if you added the spindash that looks and sounds like sonic x's that would be huge
  2. LuminousNeon

    Pokemon Stereotypes (that might be the right word)

    Vaaalllid... I just wasn't thinking about it that deeply lol
  3. LuminousNeon

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    I do hope he gets a special spindash\homing attack move, cause Sonic X's Spindash is the best
  4. LuminousNeon

    My hunt for decent Bluetooth earbuds

    So, does anyone know of any true wireless earbuds under 100$ that don't have static, cause of the two pairs I've tried, they both have static issues. (Being Soundcore Spirit X2 and Liberty 2)
  5. LuminousNeon

    Japanese or American soundtrack : a question for Sonic CD fans

    fair. 1633540403 I would say JP, since it feels a lot more 'Sonic' than the US soundtrack. But the US ver. has some good songs too.
  6. LuminousNeon

    Pokemon Stereotypes (that might be the right word)

    You really can’t possibly get more “bird” than pidgey, if there is a single Pokémon in future generations it’s more of a bird than Pidgey, I will be… astonished, frankly. Aside from that, what do you think are some other pokemon/animal parallels?
  7. LuminousNeon

    your first 100%

    Goodness, no kidding you've done a lot also, congrats on 100%ing Luminous Avenger iX, getting the money for all the upgrades is tedious. I haven't even gotten to it yet.
  8. LuminousNeon

    your first 100%

    Well, for me I recently did Mario galaxy, although it would've been Kirby planet robobot but my cartridge got stolen. so I just got a 100 save file and beat the true arena, which was the last thing I needed to do.
  9. LuminousNeon

    If you met Yuji Naka what would you do?

    See, this scenario would have to be a timeline where said person can speak fluent Japanese.
  10. LuminousNeon

    Let's be honest about Sonic 2006

    Verrry well said!
  11. LuminousNeon

    My quickly developing passion for Freedom Planet 2

    So, let’s get the negatives out of the way. Freedom Planet was a great experience for me, but it left a lot to be desired. The cutscenes used mostly gameplay sprites, and after finishing all 3 story playthroughs, I haven't started anymore. I remember being drawn towards the game by the...
  12. LuminousNeon

    what sonic character do you hate

    at least idw got her right
  13. LuminousNeon

    favourite sonic romhack?

    good lord
  14. LuminousNeon

    So SS HD right?

    To those who already have Skyward Sword HD, can anyone confirm if there is a left-handed mode for the motion controls?
  15. LuminousNeon

    The Switch OLED opinions

    yeah that's what i was thinking
  16. LuminousNeon

    The Switch OLED opinions

    good stand. that is all. Thoughts?
  17. LuminousNeon

    [Reusable] SRB2Kart 1.3 - Moe Mansion

    So, I noticed that when you look behind yourself using this, the camera rotates at a fast speed into position, unlike vanilla where the action is instantaneous. can this be changed, because it's very disorienting.
  18. LuminousNeon

    The E3 Direct happened

    Ah, yes. I suppose that's valid. I was referring to the direct, which was all I saw.