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  1. Wumbo

    Certain objects atop busted blocks are not affected by gravity

    Some ground-based objects and object sets are capable of falling onto bustable blocks (regular and spin), but once said blocks are broken, they stay suspended in mid-air. Known affected objects: Pop-up turrets (not regular ones) Robo-hoods Crushstaceans Green Snappers Star posts All monitors...
  2. Wumbo

    [Reusable] Crawla v3.1

    Supporters / CoAuthors Jimita Monster Iestyn Rapidgame7 Tatsuru Tripel the fox
  3. Wumbo

    Happy Home in Robloxia but it's a low-gravity Match map

    i dont play roblox why did i do this (music and textures by roblox)
  4. Wumbo

    [Reusable] SegaSonic Ray

    SegaSonic Ray by Emong and Wumbo. SegaSonic Ray by Emong and Wumbo. Supporters / CoAuthors Emong
  5. Wumbo

    [Reusable] SSN Sonic HD

    It had to be done. Supporters / CoAuthors SSNTails wolfs Zippy_Zolton
  6. Wumbo

    [Reusable] Minecraft Steve (KC_Steve)

    minecarft steve in srb2kart plz no hate
  7. Wumbo

    SegaSonic Ray V2

    Introducing, the world's first third Ray WAD... with sprites! SegaSonic Ray utilizes Emong's script, Ray's sprites from SegaSonic the Hedgehog (Ripped by Ragey), attention to offsets and a few custom gliding sprites by me. If you were hoping for a full WAD with entirely custom sprites in the...
  8. Wumbo

    [Tutorial] Full-Length Video in SRB2!

    How to make... Full-length video in SRB2! If you're a member of either of SRB2's Discord servers, you may have seen some talk (albeit limited) about full FMV videos in the form of cutscenes. Me, being a lazy no-brainer, decides to do the next best thing and shove full videos into SRB2...
  9. Wumbo

    Fixed "Refresh" button in Server Selection screen sometimes refuses to show some netgames

    "Refresh" button in Server Selection screen sometimes refuses to show some netgames I've noticed that if you repeatedly press the "Refresh" button on the Server Selection screen, there's a chance that after the netgames are reloaded, some of them will not display even if they're still active on...
  10. Wumbo

    Confirmed Server vulnerability that enables people to generate intense lag

    Well, to start off, I've been getting into running Dedicated Servers recently, and I've been noticing that there were some times that my server would be attacked by a single player (most likely a bot, due to acting so quickly) that would join the server and leave due to a connection timeout. He...
  11. Wumbo

    Fixed [2.1.24] Server gets stuck in credits.

    I've noticed this a few times so far, but if you press ENTER while the credits are playing on a Multiplayer server, everything pretty much falls apart. First, the normal Chaos Emerald screen would come up, but after this, it goes to a black screen and nothing happens, the game starts lagging...
  12. Wumbo

    SRB2 Demo 1 (SAGE 2000 Prototype)

    Hello, once again... I've been thinking about the SAGE 2000 trailer of Demo 1 a little bit, wondering about the possibility of it still being on one of the developers' hard drives or something. So, you can expect what I'm going to ask: Does anybody at all still have the SAGE 2000 prototype of...
  13. Wumbo

    Extra Frames for Character Animations

    Hello again... I made a thread a while back on how to get an X-Treme Sonic character WAD to work. Well, now I want to redo the entire WAD, but this time, with all frames. So, as you can guess, that will more than double the usual amount of frames for a character (I had to use an additional...
  14. Wumbo

    Unofficial v2.2 Discussion Thread

    This is [not] an official discussion thread for the upcoming v2.2 update. Major changes include but are not limited to: -Integration of slopes into official levels -A major texture overhaul -Better menus -The removal of SRB1 Remake (will be released separately instead) -Horizontal springs...
  15. Wumbo

    OpenGL Mode Crashes When Launched in Fullscreen Mode

    I don't know if it happens to any of you, but it happens to me. If I try to open SRB2 in Fullscreen Mode using OpenGL, the game will go into fullscreen, and crash immediately after. But, if I open it in Windowed Mode, OpenGL mode will work perfectly. And what's weird is that if I go into...
  16. Wumbo

    The Absolutely Complete SRB2 MIDI Soundtrack

    Psst. Hey, kid, come over here. Yeah, you. Would you be interested in owning the ABSOLUTELY COMPLETE SRB2 MIDI SOUNDTRACK!? Who would deny such a great present from a random stranger with a horrifying non-anime profile picture, anyways? __________________________________________________ Okay...
  17. Wumbo

    Question About Soundfonts in SRB2

    Hello again... I have a question about MIDI in SRB2: Does the game use a soundfont? If so, can it be changed? What made me curious is that when I was looking through the files of old versions of SRB2, I would keep finding a lump called "GENMIDI", which seemed to control MIDI events. In newer...
  18. Wumbo

    Simple Question Regarding Mods in Servers

    Hello, I just have a quick question about using mods in servers: If certain mods say that it can't be reproduced or copied without the owner's permission, does that mean I can't use it on a server without breaking some sort of rule? Also, if I have to make extra downloads so those same mods can...
  19. Wumbo

    Help getting my first character mod working

    Hello, I'm an SRB2 fan that's new to modding. Recently, I finally got my first actual mod working, which is supposed to add a new character, Sonic with X-Treme sprites and double-jump. I used the wiki to try this, but instead of correctly adding the new character, it simply replaced Sonic's...