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    Controlls Challenge Lua Script

    Has anyone found SRB2 too easy with normal movement controls? Well, now with the Controlls Lua Script, the basic movement controls have been reversed, spinning has been disabled, and it costs 25 rings to use the character's ability. You can toggle the Controlls Lua script with the...
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    [Reusable] Map Finish Command Execution

    Map Finish Command Execution has been completely rewritten to be client-sided and much simpler, since I got better at understanding how net-safety works and it was too difficult to use before the final rewrite. You'll no longer have to use hard-to-explain commands to add commands to a command...
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    [Reusable] Map Finish Command Execution Lua Script

    The Map Finish Command Execution Lua script allows you to execute console commands when you finish the level. Configs: Commands: Changelog: GIFs:
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    [EmpiralMP v1.2.0.0 Dev Version] Party category returning nil instead of string

    According to my log.txt, the Test Party is created, but the party's category is nil for some odd reason, and I've been attempting to fix it where the party's category is either "Public Party" or "Private Party". Please comment or PM if the rest of my Lua scripts in Lua/EmpiralMP need to be seen...
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    Dedicated Servers Aren't Included in Player List Iteration

    For some odd reason, the dedicated server is not included when you iterate the player list by using for player in players.iterate. I originally thought the MapChange and ThinkFrame hooks aren't executing in dedicated servers, but then I tested local variables outside of for player in...
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    [Reusable] Empiral Multiplayer v1.1.4 Mod

    Empiral Multiplayer is a wad file that improves SRB2 multiplayer by adding some common features that were derived from other multiplayer games by using Lua scripting. It adds chat rooms, parties, and clusters to Sonic Robo Blast 2, which are very useful for many purposes. You can even teleport...
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    [Experimental] SRB2 Client-Side Synch Code Test

    I made the SRB2 synch code client-sided, and I'm gonna need some help testing it since it is a multiplayer experimental mod. As of right now, libmingwex-0.dll is included with the SRB2 new resynch. Source Code:
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    Lua Chat System Issues

    I'm having a bug where clan chat only shows up for one person in the same clan even if there are multiple people in the same clan. Also, local chat only shows up for the source player even if other players are in range. rawset(_G, "thenewlife", {}) thenewlife.userranks = { TNLUR_OWNER =...
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    *Fixed Issue* [SRB2PLC] String Not Finding Even Though in File

    This Lua script I'm working on requires SRB2PlusC. I'm having an issue where string.find isn't finding my string in the text file that I've created, even though it is there. As a result, the string is still written to the file, even though it is not supposed to. This issue happens on both...
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    MinGW Trouble

    MinGW is no longer updated; as a result, it is causing me some trouble along with some other people that have attempted to compile SRB2 using the makefiles method. Reinstalling MinGW doesn't fix the issue. This issue is a really serious issue that could be avoided by changing the compiling...
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    Test Arrest Command Issues

    The game crashes if I use the testarrest command that I made after an enemy becomes my target. Also, I want to make it where if I'm looking at an object it becomes my target for testing purposes. COM_AddCommand("testarrest", function(player) if =...
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    Sonic vs. Darkness Island Update Update Log Opinion Thread

    Credit goes to Nefault1st for making Sonic vs. Darkness, and Goncas23 for helping Nefault1st make some sprites. I'm really excited for this update, because the chao garden in this game is amazing along with the gameplay. The hype is just too real.
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    [HOP] Hangout Paradise Project Map Submissions

    Welcome to the Hangout Paradise Project Map Submissions thread! I got this idea from TehRealSalt. HOP or Hangout Paradise is a project where everyone can get together, and work on hangout maps. After they work on their hangout maps, they can submit them in this thread. First, you need the read...
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    SRB2 2.1.16 Linux 64-bit Version Crashes Linux Mint 18

    I got a problem with SRB2 2.1.16. Whenever I load up SRB2 2.1.16 Linux 64-bit version, it slows down the computer, the SRB2 graphics never shows up, and then Linux Mint 18 crashes on me. It is from STJr/SRB2 master branch on
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    FOFs on Tag 0

    I have a new bug in choalover_server_mod.wad. It isn't really game-breaking this time, but it does use up resources. It happened when I made a dance house in the sky.
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    Confused Near the End of ThinkFrame Hook

    I'm having trouble with my lua script in choalover_server_mod.wad. Here is the following warning I'm getting: WARNING: choalover_server_mod.wad|LUA_CHAO:129: unexpected symbol near ')'. addHook("ThinkFrame", do for player in players.iterate if not ( and...
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    My SRB2 Wad Crashing

    I don't know why my SRB2 wad is crashing. I can go to my SRB2 map fine in Zone Builder, however. It crashes SRB2 when I load choalover_server_mod.wad in SRB2, however. I'm having issues with my textures and possibly my flats also. I got my textures in SRB2 texture format and my flats in SRB2...
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    Really Complicated Custom Maps Are Laggy

    I noticed something about really complicated custom maps in 2.1.X. For some reason, since 2.1.X I have issues with the framerate on really complicated maps. It happens on both SDL and DD. Unfortunately, I can't show gifs of the lag since it happens really badly.
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    SRB2 120 FPS Build

    I've decided that I wanted to make a SRB2 build capped at 120 fps so I did. This is just a minor change, but it breaks netgames since the netcode can't handle a framerate this high. I also got some mirror downloads just in case the original downloads don't work. Download Mirrors:
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    SRB2 Comprevision

    How do I set the comprevision of SRB2 source code? I'm curious how comprevision works. There's not a tutorial on the wiki on how to set the comprevision of SRB2 source code. Comprevision left me confused.