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  1. Simon_T

    Expansion Packs

    What if Sonic Team Jr. decided to make Expansion Packs? Something like The Sims series of games, but in this case, they would have new zones to explore, new characters to use, maybe new Shields and items to help the player... That would be some kind of official mods which don't mark the game as...
  2. Simon_T

    How to make MT_METALJETFUME followitem visible/invisible under certaincircumstances?s

    I wanna know if there's a way to force the MT_METALJETFUME followitem to appear in certain situations in which it won't show normally (like the gliding ability) or disappear when it doesn't have to (like while digging in BattleMod) But I want this to be character-specific, to prevent issues with...
  3. Simon_T

    [Reusable] Bomb Throw Ability for Fang

    Was I the one who got disappointed by the fact that Fang can't throw any bombs when you play as him? Because that disappointment is now over! With a tap of the Toss Flag button, Fang will throw a bomb ahead! The throw is affected by your current momentum, horizontal and vertical, enabling you...
  4. Simon_T

    [Reusable] Monster Iestyn's Mighty, ported to 2.1!

    (yea, I have permission to do this) Do you remember that Mighty WAD from 2.0 made by Monster Iestyn? Because he's back and he now can do Wall Jumps like in Knuckles' Chaotix! (Wall Jump Lua by Tripel the Fox) Just hop into a wall and hold the Jump button to cling to it, and release the...
  5. Simon_T

    Problem with Lua scripting

    I'm trying to make an Whirlwind Shield-like second ability for an Super Tails character WAD (it's a private project), but I don't know how to use the P_DoJumpShield function (idk what is "player_t") This is my example code, what I'm doing wrong? :'V addHook("ThinkFrame", do for player in...
  6. Simon_T

    Super Aura

    How can I add an SA1 Super Sonic-styled aura to my custom character?
  7. Simon_T

    Problem with custom states

    I'm trying to imitate the Vanilla Super Sonic's ability to float with Lua and custom states to allow him to uncurl and fly, but he gets stuck into a frame :'V Here's the Lua addHook("ThinkFrame", do for player in players.iterate if ( and == "supersonic") if...
  8. Simon_T

    Cool spinitem effect

    I was creating a private (only for my personal use) Super Sonic WAD which can turn into Hyper Sonic with some LUA scripting One of that LUA scripts that I used was a Super flash color replacement script which replaces the regular golden Super flash with 8 colors of your choice I set Red, Orange...
  9. Simon_T

    Vanilla unlockables in level packs

    I'm making a level pack that adds an Act 2 & Act 3 to Arid Canyon and Red Volcano, plus adding Dark City Zone. Vanilla unlockables (AGZ, ATZ, PTZ and other secret stuff) will remain here if the level pack creates its own .dat file to handling saved games? (Sorry if you can't understand me. I'm...
  10. Simon_T

    Old WAD porting

    Someone knows what changes to S_SKIN and/or sprites/sprite names are needed for make a 2.0 character WAD work properly in 2.1? I wanna port some 2.0 characters to 2.1 for my personal use