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  1. carlrev

    Top speed lua structure

    What's the lua structure for the maximum speed a skin can reach?
  2. carlrev

    Speed Shoes Prevent Damage

    carlrevolution submitted a new resource: Speed Shoes Prevent Damage - Keep your rings and shields while blasting through zones! Read more about this resource...
  3. carlrev

    PlayTime and OverallTime emblems error

    The PlayTime and OverallTime emblems don't reset when deleting the custom gamedata file manually. OverallTime is also marked when you have 0 emblems but reset the game after. The only way to have zero emblems this way is to delete all custom data through the custom mod itself.
  4. carlrev

    Emblem data problem

    I don't know what to do about my game data. I want to input custom game data with emblems, but every time I delete the game data's respective .dat file, there a two emblems that are already acquired by default. I delete all my data through to game and that fixes it. But I have to wonder, is it...
  5. carlrev

    Can characters start at different places in a single map?

    It is possible to make characters start in a different location on the same level? (Ex: Every character starts at the beginning, Knuckles starts in another room or half-way.) I've heard it's possible to make different characters start on different maps, but it isn't the same in terms of space.
  6. carlrev

    [Reusable] Tweaked HUD

    This is a pack of HUD mods that aim to tweak the Score-Time-Rings HUD and intermission graphics of Sonic Robo Blast 2, drawing inspiration from Storice's "Minor HUD tweaks" mod for Sonic 3 A.I.R. These mods not only improve and fix minor sprite errors with original HUD, but also adds optional...
  7. carlrev

    [Reusable] 3D Blast Title Card Font

    This tiny mod replaces the title card font with Sonic 3D Blast's title card font. Just for those who want a little something extra in levels and in sound test. Version 2 edits the graphics to give it more of shadow-like texture. Something less flat and more akin to these. I think this mod goes...
  8. carlrev

    [Reusable] Revolution HUD

    This small mod replaces the standard HUD and intermission graphics with custom ones that I made, inspired by Sonic CD, Sonic 3 and Sonic 2 HD. It also contains a Sonic CD-style life counter with transparent life icons to boot. However, it only supports the base game characters only, as I really...
  9. carlrev

    Classic Colors

    Over 20 classic palettes finally make their way into SRB2! This mod ports the palettes of nearly every classic Sonic game (with the exception of Mania) and some ROM hacks in one complete package. The lists of palettes included can be found below. However, this excludes Sonic Mania as it has...
  10. carlrev

    Classic (Proper) Sounds

    This mod replaces SRB2's sounds with cleaner versions ripped from the Genesis games. It also replaces a bunch of the original sounds that didn't fit in Sonic's world. This mod alone doesn't use any SOCs or scripts, so it does save game progress. Also included is a separate mod called Classic...
  11. carlrev

    Possible Sonic CD/Mania HUD

    How do I hide (not erase) the player's HUD name and change the life numbers to the big ones like in Sonic CD/Mania?
  12. carlrev

    Latest Lua (2.2.0) Discussion

    I've been recently having a problem with loading Luas in 2.2.0. I don't know if it everyone facing this problem or if it's just me, but here it goes: Normally, I would be loading Luas just fine, but as of today they seem to have a problem with me. Every time I load ANY Lua (no matter how big or...
  13. carlrev

    Toggle Super transformations with and without shields? (Super button discussion)

    In reference to this mod (, it makes it so you can transform with a seperate button, as opposed to standard double-jumping. (You had to jump and press spin without a shield.) Some speculated how to get other ways to transform. Most users, including...
  14. carlrev

    Where do you find the original OBJCTCFGs?

    Where do you find the original OBJCTCFGs? The ones that say the original stats for each character?