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  1. Pikden

    [TUTORIAL] How to host a server ?

    i cant get on to the website it says it refused to connect
  2. Pikden

    [TUTORIAL] How to host a server ?

    I cant the page wont load to port forward
  3. Pikden

    [TUTORIAL] How to host a server ?

    the ipv4 address cmd gave me wont work
  4. Pikden

    How did you get your Username...

    just a twist of my real name to be pikmin related
  5. Pikden

    Can you save in split screen co-op in 2.2.8

    basically beat the game on your own to get the levels
  6. Pikden

    Just Green Hill! - Green Hilltop Zone

    help plz
  7. Pikden

    How'd you get your profile picture?

    random picture of my favorite pokemon in P L U S H
  8. Pikden

    Post your Desktop

    i got this puter for xmas so not much but here
  9. Pikden

    Invalid double boot

    yeah but when i do that it closes the copy this does not
  10. Pikden

    Do you have a 3DS?

    i do i play pkmn on it
  11. Pikden

    Stupidest things you've done in video games

    i tried to skip castle eggman with tails and went back to the start lol
  12. Pikden

    beginners tips

    i am wanting to make my first mod (plusle and minun in srb2) but I don't know where to start. any tips? p.s I suck at sprite art
  13. Pikden

    Invalid double boot

    if you skip the intro on the right time the game boots twice. the copy does not have internet nor do the saves from the first that have been changed at that time :grin:not bad but good to know -pikden edit: copy means the duplicate not the game itself
  14. Pikden

    What's every ones's opinion on the sonic adventure games?

    i have not tried them but i am getting sa2 soon closest is city escape in generations and the srb2 mod
  15. Pikden

    [Reusable] Crawla v3.1

    yeah lol
  16. Pikden

    Just Green Hill! - Green Hilltop Zone

    the file wont work-:(:dramahog: