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  1. GDRamen

    Kompackt Character Pack - New Extra Character: Tamers12345 and fix for the minimap icon for Captain Jose.

    I've added a new Extra Character in the Individual Characters folder and fixed Captain Jose's mini map icon in the character's separate pk3.
  2. GDRamen

    Kompackt Character Pack

    GDRamen updated Kompackt Character Pack with a new update entry: New Extra Character: Tamers12345 and fix for the minimap icon for Captain Jose. Read the rest of this update entry...
  3. GDRamen

    Kompackt Character Pack

    GDRamen submitted a new resource: Kompackt Character Pack - A Character pack for SRB2Kart. Read more about this resource...
  4. GDRamen

    Kompackt Character Pack V1.1B

    My own character pack for SRB2Kart. Currently there are 2 characters in the pack for now.
  5. GDRamen

    [Reusable] Segata Sanshiro!!

    Absolutely Beautiful.
  6. GDRamen

    [Reusable] Sans the Skeleton - v3 (now with MD2 support!)

    hehehehehehe sans undertale.
  7. GDRamen

    Chao revitalized!

    This looks way better than the Chao that's in the Bonus characters pack.
  8. GDRamen

    Cant connect to Master Server.

    I Need Help Connecting to the Master Server. I Installed the Latest version of the Game, and Installed the Patch and yes Windows Firewall allowed the App. EDIT: NVM I already got it fixed..
  9. GDRamen

    im confused

    i went to the master server page it says its offline and when i play srb2 i can still join multiplayer games and i hosted too and people were joining can someone tell me? whats wrong?
  10. GDRamen

    is it me or sonic should be bought by nintendo?

    sega's gone downhill real bad they just went to move on to mobile games and i think sonic should be buyed by nintendo
  11. GDRamen

    SRB2Kart installation help

    im installing srb2kart again, because i love it. i keep seeing this message that says "a wad file is not found or not valid" pls help.
  12. GDRamen

    im back

    is the new srb2kart out?
  13. GDRamen

    anyone got all of the music files for SRB2KART?

    the mediafire link is broken Please give me a link
  14. GDRamen

    How do you setup SRB2KART

    i have one problem with it and it keeps saying NO SRB2.WAD FOUND its annoying please help me
  15. GDRamen

    No SRB2.wad

    im trying to play SRB2KART i need help
  16. GDRamen


    i cant connect to master server ---------- Post added at 01:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:18 PM ---------- no one is helping?
  17. GDRamen

    Why is the openGL version just a white screen

    Anyone know a solution?
  18. GDRamen

    How do i install SRB2 PSP

    I got a psp and i dont know how to install srb2 in to it
  19. GDRamen

    Why is it so hard to setup MD2's!

    i tried everything but its not working
  20. GDRamen

    [Reusable] Lua - Boss HUD Example

    Nice lua script