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  1. CreeperFace941

    [Reusable] Cacodemon

    SRB2 is a modified doom engine. So why not just add things from it's origin? Introducing... The Cacodemon! Abilities: Planned: Changelog: Credits: May or may not have a secret music somewhere.
  2. CreeperFace941

    Changing the Drowning music

    Trying to change the sounds of some things in the game, and attempted to change the drown music. After putting O__DROWN (double underscore like in music.dta) in the pk3 and drowning myself, the original would still play. Why does this happen?
  3. CreeperFace941

    [Reusable] The Floor is lava v1.0

    Tails has been diagnosed with Lava Floor Syndrome. Everytime he's on the ground, rings are lost. Since the floor isn't really lava, Tails can't die from it, only get stunned. Flight is infinite, too.
  4. CreeperFace941

    [Reusable] MT_UNKNOWN v2.1

    The error has gained a mind of it's own. Coming with a set of "glitches", it's MT_UNKOWN! Abilities:
  5. CreeperFace941


    This ball has been cursed with the need to contantly run! Nothing can stop it! (innacurate depiction, take with a grain of salt.) This was made as an extreme challenge mode, so being able to beat the game with this is something not very likely to happen. "Why", you ask? Runball comes...
  6. CreeperFace941

    S_SKIN alt sounds - closed captions

    I'm working on a sound overhaul for a pk3 i'm making. Almost every sound I replaced was changed in the S_SKIN, and I was wondering: is there any way to change what the closed captions say for those? Example: instead of ".[Jump]" it appeared as ".[Boing]", or instead of ".[Dying]" it appeared...
  7. CreeperFace941

    Testing for a player carry

    How do I test if the player that's being carried by a flying character? I got it to check for being carried, but this also includes the rope pulleys from ACZ1. This is what i have for now: if (player.powers[pw_carry]) player.weapondelay = TICRATE*1 The only part im getting trouble with is...
  8. CreeperFace941

    [Reusable] The Roblox Noob V1.4.1

    Introducing... The Noob! Made as a character for all skill levels, Noob has a large arsenal to get him through the levels. Abilities: Kirby gains the sword ability from the Noob. He also has a super form: Guest! You got the emeralds. Might as well just skip everything. Super...
  9. CreeperFace941

    Custom character - sign problems

    So i've been working on a custom character, testing all sprites to see if they were off center, incorrectly colored, etc. Until some days ago, all of it was perfectly fine, but now the signpost is having a wierd bug where the pole was changed to the custom SIGNA0 sprite. Were the names...