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  1. Ezer'Arch

    ArchPack v2.2 (SRMF_ArchPack_v2.2.pk3)

    ArchPack - single player and multiplayer level pack for SRB2 v2.2.x version 2.2 stable - 2.2 port with facelift ArchPack is a level pack addon for SRB2 with single player and multiplayer maps, including my very first map called Misc[ellaneous] Trip released in 2008, and the grinding (and...
  2. Ezer'Arch

    Fixed Fog block now blocks the sight of enemies

    Fog block (LD 202) now blocks the sight of enemies. I can stand in it forever the enemies won't notice me. Fog block didn't use to block enemies' sight in old versions, such as 2.1. The bug can be a interesting feature if it could be "controllable" with a flag, such as "block enemies".
  3. Ezer'Arch

    LD-425 Change Object State seems not working

    Hi, I'm trying to get Linedef type 425, Change Object State, to work with SRB2 2.1 but it seems the linedef doesn't affect the character at all. I uploaded a new version of the example wad following the instructions on the relevant article ( You can...
  4. Ezer'Arch

    ArchPack v2.1 (scmrtf_archpack.wad)

    ArchPack - single player and multiplayer level pack for SRB2 v2.1.16 version 2.1 stable - 2.1 Port G+ Media Collection: ArchPack is a level pack addon for SRB2 with single player and multiplayer maps, including my very first map called...
  5. Ezer'Arch

    Unlock LOCK-ON by beating the game

    Hi, I'm implementing some unlockables in my level pack. That's the idea: when the player loads up my level pack, all vanilla maps are kept "hidden" until he beats my pack at least once, then he can play them by accessing Secrets > LOCK-ON. This is the MAINCFG: MAINCFG CATEGORY CustomVersion =...
  6. Ezer'Arch

    Invalid Continuously Falling Sector uses wrong heights for ending point

    Bug is critical. Level editing. FOF plane Movement. The Linedef Type 52, Continuously Falling Sector, uses wrong heights for ending point of the falling FOF. SRB2Wiki: But it's not the way how the falling FOF is working now. The FOF's ceiling...
  7. Ezer'Arch

    Break a spin bust block to make water rise

    It's simple. Player breaks a spin bust block and then the water rises flooding the room. I said it would be simple. But I couldn't get it to work. Wiki says (Linedef Type 255): Even following the wiki, something isn't working. Check my sample: Sample: download (fixed) EDIT: As I had...
  8. Ezer'Arch

    Fixed Player isn't affected by current if fallen through no-current FOF

    Bug is critical. Level editing. Pushers and Water FOF. Player isn't affected by water current if fallen through no-current water FOF and then falls into a water FOF with current. This bug can be a serious problem if you're intending to create a cascade that ends in a river with current. Player...
  9. Ezer'Arch

    Confirmed Player can't get hurt or collect ring if changed into spin state and damaged

    Bug is critical. Player damage issue. Change object state. Player can't get hurt or collect ring if changed into spin state and got damage afterwards. Confirmed in SRB2TR r7215. How to reproduce it: Player is changed into spin state by Linedef Type 425 - Change Object State; 1 tic...
  10. Ezer'Arch

    Loading an in-wad script on wad load, not on level load, no extra files.

    Hi, I have a bunch of custom commands that help me a lot which are written in a txt file (for level design, server management, camera and stuff). Every time I start up SRB2, they are loaded via autoexec.cfg or through EXEC command. Now, I want to share some of my scripts through a wad file. I...
  11. Ezer'Arch

    Fixed ACZ's cable car can be broken into pieces by the player

    Bug is not critical. Polyobjects. This is a very old glitch I had discovered in Arid Canyon Zone Act 1 in the first days of SRB2ME era. Watch my video, tell me what you think about it: (yes, it's a yet another weird bug found by Ezer'Arch)
  12. Ezer'Arch

    EXE Mod features that could get into vanilla SRB2

    I have some questions tha bug me about EXE mods and the next official release. We have some EXE mods that have interesting features which could be very well included in next official release, specially level design ones. For instance, XSR2 has some especial linedef executors (like, Launch...
  13. Ezer'Arch

    Execute when the player enters the sector, and turn it off when the player leaves

    This is simple, but I failed to find out a solution by myself. That's the setup that I'm looking for: I want to execute linedef type "A" when one or more players enter a sector (anywhere in the sector). And, when all players leave the sector, linedef type "A" is turned off, or execute linedef...
  14. Ezer'Arch

    Fixed Linedef Type 400 lifts off pushable objects (MOB r6686)

    This bug is not critical, object position issue. I didn't know that SRB2 had started a new and cheaper space program: Linedef Type 400, Set Tagged Sector's Floor Height/Texture *can* lift off pushable objects. Video: SRB2 Bug - Gargoyle lifts off How to reproduce: This bug isn't a rocket...
  15. Ezer'Arch

    Fixed Water, translucent, no sides can't clip water FOF sides in software render (r6684)

    This bug is not critical, rendering issue. This is a bug that takes place mostly in cascades. I'm reporting it mostly because I worked before in 1.09.4. A water, translucent, no sides FOF can't clip the underwater walls of a water, translucent FOF, in software render (in OpenGL, this works...
  16. Ezer'Arch

    Fixed Gargoyle still plays sfx_statu2 if pushed in mid-air

    This one is a small (weird) bug: If you, for some reason, pushes the gargoyle in mid-air, the sound 218 - sfx_statu2 is played. How to reproduce it easily: build a pit or a lower sector with a yellow spring in it, and place a gargoyle on the higher sector. Now let the gargoyle fall into the...
  17. Ezer'Arch

    Fixed Player can turn off pushers in FOFs with pushable object if standing near the FOF

    This bug is not critical (o well, see EDIT2). I was making some experiences in my maps, then I discovered this: 1) Build a hole and put an intangible FOF in the hole (the blue tint is for better visualization); 2) Give the FOF an upward wind effect (linedef type 542 or 545); 3) Drop a...
  18. Ezer'Arch

    Fixed Flag won't return if falling near death pit borders

    This is the simpler case to reproduce: - open a CTF map and pick up the flag; - toss the flag against a wall that borders a death pith, so the flag will fall near the death pit border; - flag will not return. This is the harder one: - open a CTF map and pick up the flag; - toss the flag from a...
  19. Ezer'Arch

    Fixed Linedef Type 07 affects the sky rendering

    Download the same wad I posted in this topic: Test it on Software rendering. Once loaded, walk, turn your view around and keep looking at the sky. You'll see the sky will "pops" or "jumps" at bit. Remove the Linedef Type 07 from the map, and the bug...
  20. Ezer'Arch

    Confirmed Scroll floor texture and Sector flat alignment can't go "along"

    Download this: Now, what is happening: In the 1st sample, the Linedef Type 7, Sector Flat Alignment, works perfectly. It angles the texture in 315º (NW->SE) In the 2nd sample, the Linedef Type 530, Scroll Floor Texture and...