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  1. Rem

    Inferno Cop & Mecha Cop

    Rem submitted a new resource: Inferno Cop & Mecha Cop - Two playable skellies Read more about this resource...
  2. Rem

    Sash Lilac [v1.1c] (Freedom Planet)

    Sash Lilac joins the adventure! Traits Abilities Credits Original Sprites, Sounds, Character - GalaxyTrail Character Selection Screen Art - Zipper Everything Else - Rem Testing - Terra Changelog --- Version 1.0 - 30/09/2020 --- Release version, sweet! [/spoiler] Supporters /...
  3. Rem

    [Reusable] Underwater Map Music

    This is a simple Lua script that allows you to add underwater music tracks for your levels. Usage Add the script to your wad/pk3. Get/create a variation of your level's song with the same length. Add a line in your Level Header, defining "Lua.WaterMusic = " with whatever your underwater song's...
  4. Rem

    [Reusable] SkinColor Effects

    A couple of reusable animated effects for your custom colors. Comes with a normal single version of the scripts, intended for just one color and a group version, which lets you add it to several colors swiftly instead of copying the script for each color. Includes the two effects, that can be...
  5. Rem

    Dog's Junkyard

    Since I never did make one, I thought I should make a thread to post stuff from my Lua projects and other things. Here's a bunch of gifs sorted into categories and descriptions of what they were/are and what I'm working on.
  6. Rem

    [Reusable] Kazoo Eardrums Blast 2 (Kazoo.wad)

    Kazoo Eardrums Blast 2 is a wad that simply replaces all sound effects and all singleplayer levels (excluding a few unlockable levels) with kazoo versions, with all the awfulness of a kazoo! Video preview:
  7. Rem

    [Reusable] Speedometer - Lua Speed HUD

    This is a simple Lua HUD that tells you your current speed out of your maximum normal speed possible in the bottom right corner. I'm not really sure what practical uses it has though.
  8. Rem

    UglyKnux - Original SRB2 Knuckles

    The original SRB2 Knuckles is back, and he has returned with his SpideyKnux powers of being able to continue to glide after exiting his glide! The differences with UglyKnux and 2.1's Knuckles are: Unlike Chuckles, he'd rather flex his muscles, He can jump slightly higher than Knuckles but...
  9. Rem

    ERZ2 Wall Glitches

    I was just playing Egg Rock Act 2 with a friend when I found that some of the glass were not solid (Right before the 2D part on the left path) so we Could go back into the zoom tube and into the other areas but at the area with purple goo you could go into the fountains and slightly outside the...