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  1. DylanDude

    Drawn to Life: A New Canvas

    I'm referring to the official SRB2 Discord server, the link to which can be found on A New Canvas does have a private server of its own, but it is not public and I do not plan on changing that any time soon. There really does not seem to be enough interest to warrant that.
  2. DylanDude

    Drawn to Life: A New Canvas

    It's no trouble, not expecting anyone to keep tabs on what I'm doing.
  3. DylanDude

    Drawn to Life: A New Canvas

    To be clear, this project isn't dead and never has been, I just had stopped sharing info about it outside of Discord. The reaction to the trailer in the Direct made me realize that I had been starving my YouTube audience of info regarding it. Firstly, here's the trailer from the first Direct...
  4. DylanDude

    SRB2 Mod Direct Central - Show off your addons in a Mod Direct!

    A while ago, a few addon creators got together and made a Nintendo Direct-styled showcase for our mods. After seeing the positive feedback, not only do we want to make another, but we're opening it to the public! These Directs will be released every couple of months, and can feature any kind of...
  5. DylanDude


    Fort Sunset - Own entry. Hollow Hill - Fantastic, there's so many cool details, right down to how the rings are laid out. Very much looking forward to additional acts if they are ever released. Falcon Emissary - Very good, but a bit aimless. There's so much detail that the level's indications...
  6. DylanDude

    The judge rejected me, but my plans for my addons and, if I join Sonic Team Junior, they won't stop there!

    You know you can fix the issues the judge listed with your addon and re-submit it, right? Rejection isn't final.
  7. DylanDude

    OpenGL gives green bars on screen

    This issue happens when your computer does not properly support OpenGL. Try updating your graphics drivers, but if that doesn't work, you're out of luck.
  8. DylanDude

    [v1.1] PANIC

    If nobody complains about Shadow Cellar, I vow to make it three times as long. All jokes aside, great to see this finally reach the MB. We've been working on this in the CSCS for months now, LOL.
  9. DylanDude

    Something that would probably be cool

    As do the people who would be making this hypothetical mod. As an aside, "just throwing ideas out there for others to make" is functionally nearly identical to just asking people to make mods for you.
  10. DylanDude

    Something that would probably be cool

    You have every ability to learn how. The SRB2 Wiki includes all the resources you could want for learning how to make your own SRB2 addons.
  11. DylanDude

    I have an idea movie sonic mod but i cant figure out how to code certant things or make sprites that are good.

    I'm still inexperienced when it comes to making sprites, but I quite enjoy using Piskel to do so.
  12. DylanDude

    I have an idea movie sonic mod but i cant figure out how to code certant things or make sprites that are good.

    "Here's some ideas, make them if you want to.", is functionally identical to "Could someone please make this for me?" It's mod begging behind a thin veil, regardless of whether you intended for it to be or not. If you want a mod to exist, you are perfectly capable of learning how to sprite and...
  13. DylanDude

    Something that would probably be cool

    That sounds really neat! You should really create this hypothetical mod of yours. A lot of people would probably enjoy it.
  14. DylanDude

    [Reusable] Sonic.EXE [v4.1.5a] (Compatibility)

    Probably the best Sonic.exe addon to date.
  15. DylanDude

    Fixed Linedef Type 2 - Custom Exit Softlocks the Game

    This was known about before the release of 2.2.5, but does not seem to have been fixed. Any exit sector which makes use of Linedef Type 2 - Custom Exit softlocks the game, as the game will never display the exit screen. There is a catch: this seems to only happen when the game is not marked as...
  16. DylanDude

    [Reusable] Freedom Planet Health system and Resources

    Hey, I remember this from the 2.1 days! This mod got me to try out Freedom Planet for the first time back then.
  17. DylanDude

    Drawn to Life: A New Canvas

    Since February 25th, 2019, I've been working on a level pack which aims to reimagine the first Drawn to Life game in SRB2. It's been a slow but steady road to this point, and I'm finally in a position to create its own Editing thread. At the moment, I'm focusing on completing the first world...
  18. DylanDude

    Fixed Falling Platform in MP SS 5 Ascends into the Heavens

    The central falling platform in Multiplayer Special Stage 5, which is supposed to begin bobbing once it's fallen into the water below like all of the other platforms, instead bounces off the surface of the water and starts ascending into the sky. To trigger, just stand on the platform and wait...
  19. DylanDude

    [Reusable] Finally, Anime in SRB2

    I want to go 20 years back in time and show this to 12-year-old Sonikku just starting to develop SRB1.