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    Srb2 Riders for 2.2 Development Logs

    When is it gonna release ik its not finished but i wanted to ask
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    [Reusable] (v1.2) Shifting Seasons Zone

    Hey birbhorse i just played trough youre level. Its awesome! Cant wait for act 2 and an expandet act 1!keep up the good work!
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    [Reusable] Triangle Wipe Transition Effect - Give transitions some style!

    Yume Dragoon these transitions are amazing but please could u look into it so we can play with it in MP?
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    [Reusable] Soniku11's Maps

    Soniku but kwiins file is good cuz there are people wanting to play em all in one pk3
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    [Reusable] Almost Software Shading

    Kororobo no hate towards youre shader project but i preffer normal opengl with shaders and ambient lighting