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  1. sonicfreak94

    SRB2 Launcher - 2.1 compatible!

    This launcher is based on a design I've had laying around for about two years but never put any functionality into. It's "written" (drag 'n drop!) in C# using Visual Studio which doesn't sound the best, I know... but who cares! =P This requires .NET Framework 4.0 or higher. Features: It...
  2. sonicfreak94

    Fixed Cannot connect to server on same computer with localhost

    Normally, one would be able to host a dedicated server, for example, and connect to it directly by changing the local port of the client (with -clientport or whatever else works). However, connecting with localhost or doesn't appear to work. Using my local network address on the other...
  3. sonicfreak94

    SRB2 Launcher

    Note: A newer version with SRB2 2.1.X support (and below) is available here: This launcher is based on a design I've had laying around for about two years but never put any functionality into. It's "written" (drag 'n drop!) in C# using Visual Studio...
  4. sonicfreak94

    Fixed Linedef type 423 + noclimb flag crashes dedicated servers

    If linedef type 423 with the noclimb flag is triggered (which changes the sky for all players), dedicated servers just plain crash. That's pretty much all there is to it! (More specifically, it says signal_handler(): floating point exception and dies) Crash log over here!
  5. sonicfreak94

    SF94-CTF - CTF/Match features from SF94-Serv

    SF94-CTF is a mod which takes the CTF and Deathmatch (and any other derivative of these gametypes) features of SF94-Serv, and shoves them into a compact stand-alone wad. The features are as follows: (YOU BETTER NOT DIE THIS TIME, SRB2.ORG HARD DRIVE.) Multi-colored rings. In Match mode...
  6. sonicfreak94

    SOCedit problems - Freezes, doesn't recover - Quick fix found, solved for now.

    Whenever I try to edit one of the thrown weapon "things" (ie THROWNBOUNCE, etc.), SOCedit just hangs there. For boredom purposes, I recorded a video: Has anybody else encountered this? And is there an easy fix? Thanks.
  7. sonicfreak94

    Sonic Heroes model edit for BlitzSonic engine Just thought I'd show it. Description copypasta! I'll be releasing it soon, I just wanted some more opinion besides the few people who stumble across the video. Here's some better quality shots...
  8. sonicfreak94

    SOC Edit runtime error while editing unlockables

    It's been happening allot, and it's very annoying. It ONLY happens when editing unlockables. Any way to fix it? (I do have it pointed to the SRB2 source, and I DID check the SRB2 Wiki)
  9. sonicfreak94

    Morph Ripoff "Winners"

    Boinciel and Penopat made the best ones, they win. That is all. =P EDIT: Nev3r also.
  10. sonicfreak94

    Fixed GFZ patch (GFZ-fixed.wad)*UPDATE*

    Why did I make this you ask? I got really really bored. Anyway, what it does is aligns all the textures in GFZ 1 - 2 to the best I could, and replaces those sector spikes with "thing" spikes. And I don't think you really need screenshots, so heres the DL. Please leave a reply, thanks. EDIT...
  11. sonicfreak94

    SRB2 DB is being an idiot

    "A program can be an idiot? Who knew!" I checked the wiki and found nothing on this, but heres my problem. Lets say theres a sector connected to another sector that I no longer need. If I delete the sector, the other sector still thinks it's there, right? Now if I were to change the back side...
  12. sonicfreak94

    I need help with public server hosting. '>.>

    I've forwarded my ports, updated firmware, just about everything I could think of and I still can't host public net games. I don't think my IP is banned, I checked. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks. >.<
  13. sonicfreak94

    Crappy tails bomber(Tails-Bomber.soc)

    It's very simple, Tails gets tired, spawns an item that turret fires at the furthest target. I did furthest because otherwise you hit yourself. Fun with CTF, makes people run screaming "THEY'RE BOMBING US! RUUUN!". (The text at the top of the screen is from my script, ignore it, this soc does...
  14. sonicfreak94

    Flame Thrower! (flamethrower.wad) Update!

    I got bored a while back and made a flame thrower, I planned to add it to my old weapon soc, but obviously decided not to. It replaces the automatic ring. Screen shot: ->Download<-
  15. sonicfreak94

    I got that SRB2 Open GL error again -_-

    Yes it happened again. When I update the drivers for my video card this happens, I roll back the drivers, and it still doesn't work right. The gamma settings are all where they are supposed to be. Anybody know how to fix it? I need Open GL for level testing!
  16. sonicfreak94

    SA2Shadow V3 beta is out! UPDATE!(On hold due to SF94-serv)

    SA2 Shadow Version 3 has new super form sprites(Only some of them are new, as this is a beta), beta running sprites and more. It has the option to use the SA2 jump soc by typing in the console "RUNSOC SA2-ON" or "RUNSOC SA2-OFF". Chaos spear still hasn't gotten any new sprites, but I'm still...
  17. sonicfreak94

    SRB2 DB "Run-time error '339':"

    It was working a few days ago,(I re installed windows on this hard drive if it helps) I just turned it on and this error message came up. Anybody know whats wrong or how to fix it? Thanks, =SF94=
  18. sonicfreak94

    I can't install things anymore.

    This has been happening to me allot lately. (I am still on XP, I just got a cool vista theme >.>) I'm not sure, but I think it might be because I installed some anti-virus software recently (AVG free edition). Every time I turn on my computer it, it updates, but when my virus software does it...
  19. sonicfreak94

    How well does SRB2 run on virtual PC?

    I'm probably going to get virtual PC very soon, and I need to know if I should stick with the one built for mac, or try the PC version on virtual PC. =SF94=
  20. sonicfreak94

    SRB2 Mac online help

    Heres my problem. I can't join any SRB2 servers with SRB2 Mac. I can use listserv console command, and try to connect by IP, but it doesn't connect. If I go to "Join Game" it doesn't create a list of servers, that I know are there. Anybody know how to fix this problem?